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Friday Night in the Expanse: Feb 5th, 9pm Eastern

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  • Travis
    If I can't make it, GO Bucs! Sorry Karl... I live here... See you guys next weekend if nothing comes up.
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  • Lazerbolt
    started a topic Friday Night in the Expanse: Feb 5th, 9pm Eastern

    Friday Night in the Expanse: Feb 5th, 9pm Eastern

    Hi pilots! please join us tonight as we take a long flight and watch a movie together!

    Friday's flightplan is as follows:

    Benito Juarez intl Mexico City departure (MMMX)
    Toncontin Intl (MHTG)

    Anything that can maintain 250 IAS at 25,000 feet. Since we'll be watching a movie, an autopilot is recommended. I will be flying a Longitude.

    Tonight we will return to the action packed universe of : The Expanse season V: Episode 10 + WandaVision

    So, grab your favorite beverage, pop some corn and join us as we fly and watch this great show together.

    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive:!AsFIlxhwmWg9gXDknswc2wPvdr1p
    February 6, 2021 02:00 AM
    February 6, 2021 04:30 AM
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