Mountain Snake Flights
Flight Starts At:
Time Zone Start Time
US Eastern 9:00PM
US Central 8:00PM
US Mountain 7:00PM
US Pacific 6:00PM
UK London 1:00AM Monday
It has only been 1 and a half years... Lets jump back in and look at some beautiful scenery!

This is a VFR flight. We will be flying mainly by hand following the route as a guide.
The main goal of these flights is to enjoy the scenery.
This is a continuous flight series and we will start where we left off last week... that so
happened to be a year and a half ago...

Multiplayer Platform

Hub/Server: Global
New Pilots: Please note, you can use X-Plane or Any version of FSX/P3D with JoinFS
MSFS Pilots only: If you are using the East MSFS Server and JoinFS, please go to
View>Session, then click the "Ignore" checkbox under the people using MSFS2020 to
not see doubles of aircraft.

Flight Plan
You may use this Skyvector map to use as a guide.
We may not be flying Direct.

Cruise Speed
~120 KIAS.


Any airplane that can fly around 120 KIAS.
I will be using the Cessna 172 classic gauges.

I will be using MSFS Default.
Expect scenery differences with other pilots and some possible elevation issues with JoinFS.

I will be using MSFS Live weather if favorable.
Fair type conditions are also acceptable.

Time Sync
Set sim time to 4PM local time. (-2 Hours Real Time)
*Time Sync is not a requirement

A basic flight plan file will be posted in discord(same as above).
See you in the air!