CYTA Petawawa/Pembroke to CYHU Montreal/Saint-Hubert following the Ottawa River.

Aircraft: I will be flying around 120 knots. There is a grass strip or two and some shorter runways. Any single engine GA aircraft should be fine.

Route:CYTA Petawawa/Pembroke
CPF4 Bruce McPhail Memorial
CYRO Rockcliffe flyover
CNF3 Pendleton
CPG5 Hawkesbury East
CYHU Saint-Hubert

There are some landmarks I will be circling, feel free to fly at your own pace.

Server: US East or West, depending on visibility of other players

Time and Weather: 1:00pm Local/5:00pm UTC, Live weather or scattered clouds. Choose whatever settings you prefer to fly in.

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours