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A later start for a night in the tropics

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  • A later start for a night in the tropics

    One of the areas that many flight simmers enjoy is the area surrounding the Princess Juliana airport. Many of us know the spectacular views from the beach of the very low approach to Princess Juliana.

    In the area is St. Barts, a play ground for the rich. Its has a very challenging approach.

    Finally, one of the world’s shortest, if not the shortest paved operational runways is on nearby Saba island.

    We’re going to be flying to the area from Puerto Rico, about 170 nm to the west. Each leg will utilize different aircraft and different skills.

    Be sure to turn DEVELOPER MODE ~~ on ~~ so that you can switch aircraft without having to restart the session.

    Flight Plan
    TJSJ -> TNCM -> TFFJ -> Saba

    From TJSJ – San Juan, Puerto Rico to Princess Juliana will utilize aircraft that fly at the speed of airliners.
    From TNCM – Princess Juliana to St. Barts will need an aircraft capable of stopping in a short distance.
    From TFFJ – St Barts to Saba you will need a STOL aircraft.

    Speed - varies

    To be determined

    Simulator Version
    I will be flying on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Followers in FSX, P3D, and X-plane are always welcome.

    Multiplayer Server
    MFS East USA server.

    Weather & Time
    Real world weather or fair weather if real world is not adequate.

    Check back before group flight for updates/changes that may occur.

    September 21, 2020 02:00 AM
    September 21, 2020 03:30 AM
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