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Short Hops Appalachians (Friday Aug 21 @ 9pm EDT)

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  • Short Hops Appalachians (Friday Aug 21 @ 9pm EDT)

    Join us for some short hops on Friday Aug 21 @ 9pm EDT.

    We will be visiting the Appalachian mountains in Virginia to see how they look in the new simulator.

    Flight plan: KROA>KHSP>KROA

    Aircraft: I will be flying the Cessna 152 or 172

    Server Settings: Selects USA EAST, along with ALL Players in the flight conditions pages.

    Depending what time it is when we are done, we may visit nearby West Virginia's Greenbrier Valley (KLWB) and explore if the Greenbrier resort is modeled nicely.

    August 22, 2020 01:00 AM
    August 22, 2020 02:00 AM

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    updated aircraft to possibility of flying the 172. I'm old fashioned and prefer to not use glass cockpits (with GA flying in simulators at least). I see only the deluxe version has the standard gauged 172....but I wonder how substitutions will work for people that only have the basic version? If basic version simmers can see my deluxe version planes I will probably go with the deluxe 172. If the model substitution is wacky I might just stick to basic aircraft for multiplayer flying. (I hope this new sim will at least display external models of all aircraft regardless of version purchased)


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      Love flying this area. May have to come in early. :-)


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