Hi pilots! As long as we're all stuck at home for a few weeks, let's try a whole new format for movie flights.
Thursday night we will depart from where we left off last time and fly in a RANDOM direction. After takeoff we will enjoy an episode of a great show, after which we will land at the nearest airport. Once on the ground we will take a short intermission and then take off in another random direction to enjoy another episode. Who knows where we'll end up after a few weeks?

Thursday's flightplan is as follows:

Anything that can keep up with the OZX Goose. Since we'll be watching a movie, an autopilot is recommended.

This flight will take place using JoinFS.

Its time to watch one of my all time favorites, There's only 14 episodes, but they are spectacular. Thursday we will be watching the engaging space-western: Firefly

So, grab your favorite beverage, pop some corn and join us as we fly and watch this great movie together.

Happy landings,

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