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A2A P-40 Flight on the West Coast of Florida! 9PM EDT 6PM PDT

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  • A2A P-40 Flight on the West Coast of Florida! 9PM EDT 6PM PDT

    A2A P-40 Flight on the West Coast of Florida!

    We will be learning how to fly the P-40 then fly along the west coast of Florida to the Florida Keys.

    Multiplayer Platform
    Hub/Server: Global Hub on JoinFS

    Flight Plan
    Approximately 30 minutes of training and pattern work thence...
    We will land at KAPF (Naples) then continue following the coast to the southern tip of mainland Florida. Then we will fly over the water and turn at Marathon KMTH. Note KMTH is a fly over airport. After our turn, we will follow the keys to Key West Naval Air Station KNQX

    Cruise Speed

    3,000-15,000 Feet.

    A2A P-40
    Please find your simulator, then look for the "Sale" P-40. No credit card required to download.
    Also, if you have time try to download the Aeroplane heaven Global Swift (light GA). I may try to add this to another flight in the future.

    Expect scenery differences with other pilots and elevation issues with JoinFS.

    I will be using Active Sky.
    You may use your preferred live weather source or preferred weather setting.

    Time Sync
    I am setting my sim time to 5PM local time. (-4 Hours to real time)
    March 26, 2020 01:00 AM
    March 26, 2020 03:00 AM
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    Venice Army Air Field

    The reason for the change of location is due to bad weather on the west coast and including some historical significance.

    Feel free to reed this excerpt from

    Factory-staffed engine schools operated at the base to enhance training efficiency. A school, taught by Allison taught courses on the intricacies of the engines which powered the P-40 Warhawk and P-38 Lightning. Additional schools taught by Rolls-Royce, Curtiss-Wright and Pratt & Whitney followed. An Air Force Supply School was added, and a First Sergeants School was also created that taught procedures on administering the base stations for combat groups. In addition to the schools, there were courses taught in the application of camouflage, aircraft identification, booby traps, field sanitation, convoys and bivouacking. All these skills were necessary for the men of the Service Units who would be performing their jobs in primitive areas close to the front lines.

    By the end of October 1943, seven service groups had been trained at Venice, and recognition of the school grew and curriculum changes were made by reports back from throughout the far-flung Service Command as turning out men who knew their jobs well. Days whirled by like kaleidoscopic visions as GIs worked hard at learning the skills needed to support the war by day, and filled the theatre, "Beer Garden" (built by the GI’s themselves) and the recreation centers of surrounding towns at night.

    One of the Service Groups in training was the 14th Service Group, which was made up of Chinese-Americans. The group arrived in early January 1944 and remained at Venice until October. The 14th SG was reputedly formed after a personal request to President Franklin Roosevelt by Madame Chiang Kai-Shek. The 400 men of the Service Group trained on P-40 Warhawk pursuit aircraft, P-39 Airacobras, P-47 Thunderbolts, and P-51 Mustangs.

    In January, 1944 the base was transferred to the jurisdiction of Third Air Force, but Air Service Command units remained for training. The last of these was the 576th Air Service Group, later sent to Guam.

    III Fighter Command

    Venice expanded in June 1943 with the addition of Third Air Force Operational Training, with a mission to train combat fighter pilots and ground crewmen. This tied in with Technical Service Command as the training of Service Groups gave both types of groups more realistic training prior to their deployment overseas.

    The 13th Fighter Squadron arrived on 7 June from Page Field in Fort Myers, after duty in Panama. The 14th Fighter Squadron arrived a few weeks later. They were flying P-39 Aircobras, later P-47 Thunderbolts, then P-40 Warhawks and finally in early 1945, P-51 Mustangs for combat crew training.


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      If you recently installed the P-40 and are getting errors trying to install the update via the A2A folder on Windows 10 start menu (start menu>A2A>P-40 Check for Updates), I found you have to keep clicking the icon over and over and it will eventually run. They said this is happening because of the server loads for the free p-40. If you finally get it to run then it give you a corrupt message and option to retry, keep clicking retry and it will eventually work also.


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