Welcome to a social distancing flight. Be sure to fly at least 6 feet from other aircraft.
This is a VFR flight. We will be flying mainly by hand following the route as a guide.
The main goal of these flights is to enjoy the scenery.

Multiplayer Platform
Hub/Server: Global Hub
Full installation and setup is required before the flight starts.
Ensure you are familiar with the software to minimize delays before the flight.
New Pilots: Please note, you can use X-Plane or Any version of FSX/P3D with JoinFS

Flight Plan
ZHHH (Wuhann (Woohoo) > ZGYY > ZGHA > ZSCN.

Cruise Speed

>200 KIAS.

Recommended 2,000ft MSL when flying over the coast.

Single engine aircraft that can maintain 120 KIAS.
I will be flying a Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Going to have to pick something that will pick the pace. These Chinese airports aren’t close to each other.

Default scenery is acceptable.
Expect scenery differences with other pilots and elevation issues with JoinFS.
We will be in Orbx regions if you have Northern California installed.

I will be using Active Sky Next.
Please use a real world weather source unless conditions are unfavorable.
Fair conditions is also acceptable.

Time Sync
Set sim time to 6PM local time. (Real Time)
*Time Sync is not a requirement