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Herky Bird: BLACK FRIDAY Shopping Group Flight(Friday 9pm Eastern)

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  • Travis
    I want to have a... part of this.

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  • Herky Bird: BLACK FRIDAY Shopping Group Flight(Friday 9pm Eastern)

    Since Lazer missed our last Herky Bird group flight, I am giving him ONE LAST CHANCE! If he can't make this group flight which is "everything Lazer" then I will have to find a new line of work.

    We will be carrying PC components obtained from Amazon at a BLACK FRIDAY sale to Lazer for his next PC build. We will use Lazer's quintessential C-130 Herky Bird or equivalent, and deliver our cargo to you-know-who.

    AIRCRAFT: C-130 (Capsim Version strongly recommended)) or Equivalent!

    Group Flight Server: JoinFS -- Global Session

    Original Flight Plan:!AhXvXtGPOxKhhxxa...sqVnJ?e=GCa0T6

    Revised Flight Plan (Nov. 27):!AhXvXtGPOxKhhx3P...3RCop?e=4NZ2v1
    Departure: Cincinnati/Northern Ky Intl / Ohio / KCVG / Runway 36L
    1. This is the home airport for Amazon Prime
    2. The final destination is Mason Co. (KLDM)
    3. This is an air freight mission of PC hardware components.
    4. We will be flying the Herky Bird or something equivalent.

    ---------------- Taken DIRECTLY from Lazer's Herky Bird group flights -------------------

    ... the preferred aircraft is the timeless Captain sim C130 Hercules, but feel free to use any cargo prop that can maintain 250 KIAS at around 10,000 ft. Please do Not bring a jetliner to this event because they stick out like a sore thumb and are a distraction.

    Not sure what to fly?

    For those who don't have or don't want to fly the C-130, this should help you decide.
    • An-12 Most similar to C-130. Most extras (airbrake, autothrottle, paradrop). Russian annotations. Most difficult to fly.
    • An-32 Most frame-rate friendly. Best cockpit model. Easy to fly except long spool time. Needs refueling on long flights.
    • Howard 500 Easy for piston engine pilots. Best climber. Tail-dragger. Performance tails off at altitude. Poorest frame rates.
    • C-119 Boxcar Easiest to fly.
      • Re-engined (French) variant: Faster. Normal climb rates.
      • Normal engine variants: Slower. Half the climb rate so gets left behind on short-medium length flights.
    November 30, 2019 02:00 AM
    November 30, 2019 04:00 AM
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