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NFL Flying Fantasy league 2019 DRAFT SPECIAL- Sat August 31st, 9:00 pm ET

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  • NFL Flying Fantasy league 2019 DRAFT SPECIAL- Sat August 31st, 9:00 pm ET

    Greetings pilots!

    Looks like its time for another season of the MsFlights Flying Fantasy Football League!

    As usual, all coaches who participated in the league last year will have a spot waiting for them. Please indicate your desire to rejoin (or not) the league by replying to the MsFlights website or on the Flying Fantasy league ESPN site.
    There are slots available to any armchair coaches that may be interested. All pilots are welcome to join the league by simply expressing your desire to do so as a reply to this post below.

    Saturday night we will be taking a simple NFL themed flight while the coaches of the msFlights Flying Fantasy League conduct their 2019 season draft! Everyone is invited to join in this flight, but the coaches may move to a separate room until we have finished all draft business.

    Our flight takes us past several NFL stadiums (past and present) that are represented in default FSX. We will be flying from Chicago to Canton Ohio, with a few diversions along the way, but we will NOT land until we get all the way to Canton. That's right, just pop in the flight plan .PLN file that is supplied below, set your auto-pilot, and sit back & enjoy this sight-seeing flight.

    This flight will take place using JoinFS on the GLOBAL server.

    Any aircraft that can maintain 220 KIAS @ 3000 ft

    Tuesday's flightplan is as follows:

    KMDW Chicago Midway departure
    MANLI Intersection Fly by Soldier Field
    KLDM Mason Co Pick up the commissioner
    KPTK Oakland Co Intl Fly by Silverdome
    KBKL Burke Lakefront Fly by Browns' stadium
    KCAK Akron-Canton Regl 6 nmi from Hall of Fame

    A flightplan .PLN file for this flight can be found here:

    Hope to see everyone there!

    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive:!AsFIlxhwmWg9gXDknswc2wPvdr1p
    September 1st, 2019 01:00 AM
    September 1st, 2019 03:00 AM
    Canton, OH
    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive here:

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    Please, Commish, count the Sin City Raiders in for this upcoming season. The Raiders will return with essentially the same management and coaches as last year but with an entirely new set of divas and overpaid misfits on the field.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      Last year's league champs, the Buffalo Williams are also in again.

      -Coach Coast

      PS: The Lions and Bills have a preseason game this Friday, when we will be having a Grumman Goose flight instead on a Gooney Bird flight. Get it the Gooney Bird has been replaced by a Goose!
      "Having fun with friends! "


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        Comish, if it's not too late and if it would serve the league, please reactivate the Henderson Hellhounds for Coach Blizzard29. Please use the same email as last year at and please reinvoke the same password, as may be required (which I do not know). Coaches,know that Coach Blizzard must auto-draft as he will only be arriving inbound at Las Vegas's McCarran airport about half way thru tonoght's draft.
        Respects, Bob ...


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