Hi pilots! looks like it's time for a new cargo run!

Tonight's mission:
Saturday night, HQ is sending our Herky fleet into multiple timelines in a complicated attempt to simplify things! I'm sure there's a catch of some kind, but HQ assures us that it will be "super easy, barely an inconvenience".

Saturdays flightplan is as follows:

Vaasa, Finland
departure (EFVA)
Kajaani, Finland (EFKJ)
Kallax AB, Sweden (ESPA)
Hemavan, Sweden (ESUT)

A flightplan .PLN file for this flight can be found here:

This flight will take place using JoinFS on the "global" server

As always with these Around the World flights the preferred aircraft is the timeless Captain sim C130 Hercules, but feel free to use any cargo prop that can maintain 250 KIAS at around 10,000 ft. Please do Not bring a jetliner to this event because they stick out like a sore thumb and are a distraction.

Not sure what to fly?

For those who don't have or don't want to fly the C-130, this should help you decide.
  • An-12 Most similar to C-130. Most extras (airbrake, autothrottle, paradrop). Russian annotations. Most difficult to fly.
  • An-32 Most frame-rate friendly. Best cockpit model. Easy to fly except long spool time. Needs refueling on long flights.
  • Howard 500 Easy for piston engine pilots. Best climber. Tail-dragger. Performance tails off at altitude. Poorest frame rates.
  • C-119 Boxcar Easiest to fly.
    • Re-engined (French) variant: Faster. Normal climb rates.
    • Normal engine variants: Slower. Half the climb rate so gets left behind on short-medium length flights.

Happy landings,

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