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Saturday Night at the Movies --- The Wandering Earth --- 9pm Eastern

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  • Saturday Night at the Movies --- The Wandering Earth --- 9pm Eastern

    Hi pilots! please join us tonight as we take a long flight and watch a movie together!

    Saturday's flightplan is as follows:

    Beijing Capital Departure (ZBAA)
    Baiyun Intl (ZGGG)

    Anything that can maintain 270 IAS at 25,000 feet. Since we'll be watching a movie, an autopilot is recommended. I will be flying a 747.

    This flight will take place using JoinFS.

    Tonight's movie will be: The Wandering Earth

    So, grab your favorite beverage, pop some corn and join us as we fly and watch this great movie together.

    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive:!AsFIlxhwmWg9gXDknswc2wPvdr1p
    July 14th, 2019 01:00 AM
    July 14th, 2019 03:00 AM
    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive here:

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    I'll be there however, I may forego my custom of respectful silence during the movie presentation on this one. I ignored the reviews and watched about 45 minutes of this blockbuster. Wandering Earth just begs for a Ryan George "Pitch Meeting" treatment. While most of the offerings Lazer brings us require an appropriate suspension of disbelieve, Wandering Earth requires a restraining order. It ought to be fun.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      The reason there was no Gooney Bird group flight tonight is because of the Geneseo airshow this weekend (Fri was practice day). I plan to make the Lazer's Saturday event, and then do the airshow on Sunday. It is mostly a WW2 vintage aircraft airshow, but they also have an A-10 demo flight.


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        Sorry I couldn't make it Lazer.
        Wow, that is a high AOA Coast! Great picture!!!!


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