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Gooney Birds: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles ( 9 pm EDT Friday )

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  • Travis
    I will be leaving town, and therefore missing all flights this weekend. I send my regards!

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  • Gooney Birds: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles ( 9 pm EDT Friday )

    Our last group flights were around Alaska, and I enjoyed them all.

    Before that we flew along old Route 66. and that proved helpful as a coherent planning aid.

    It occurred to me we have done Planes, and Automobiles, but not Trains, So it seems logical to finish the trifecta with train routes. I plan to use "interesting" train routes as a planning crutch for our next bunch of group flights. The criteria is a bit disjoint, such as finding airports along train routes, making individual legs reasonable for the C-47, and keeping the scenery visually interesting.

    Flight Plan .!AhXvXtGPOxKhg31uiGAjdtnQavot

    Multiplayer Host: JoinFS (Global Session)

    This follows the Amtrak Hudson River route starting at the old Plattsburgh Air Force base that has been converted to civilian use, We will fly over Lake Champlain to vermont, and then down to Albany which is
    an Amtrak switching yard.

    Plattsburgh Intl (KPBG)
    Burlington Intl (KBTV)
    Ticonderoga Mun (4B6)
    Bennett Meml (KGFL)
    Albany Intl (KALB)

    I may have hosted a similar group flight on this area before, but I needed to get a flight plan together quickly. so I took a little shortcut.

    June 21, 2019 09:10 PM
    June 21, 2019 10:10 PM
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