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Beginning of Time Flight (Helicopters)

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  • Beginning of Time Flight (Helicopters)

    7pm Central Time!!!

    If you were around when got started, you would know that our original sim was MS Flight and that we flew around the island of Hawaii diligently waiting for new maps to come out. Eventually Microsoft released Alaska and we thought, "Man! We are well on our way!" Then suddenly, and without much warning, Microsoft abandoned the MS Flight app and our group was forced to seek alternative sim. I believe it was me who suggested FSX originally and I remember there being some opposition to the idea. Well, here we are, several years later, still flying around in FSX, Prepared3D, and Xplane 11.

    This flight is to honor the beginnings of this group and will probably have to be broken into at least 2 flights. We are going to start out at the airport that the founders originally met at and fly to the places that they originally flew, In Hawaii!

    The flight Starts at PHKO (Kona Intl) and makes its way through the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. There are 8 (or more if we choose) legs in this flight and each of them are relatively short trips. Skyvector says it would take nearly 2 hours to fly this route @ 110 kts, but that doesn't include any stops. So Expect this flight to end somewhere in the middle of the plan and to pick up again where we leave off.

    Now grab your favorite whirly-bird and lets go back to the beginning of!


    Here is an FSX flight Plan:!AvQ7WAqzl7-0gsYGQQvTMDwwnl97cg

    Here is a Skyvector plan:
    March 17th, 2019 12:00 AM
    March 17th, 2019 02:00 AM
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    The hamburger's have gone up to $200.
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      Here are two SUGGESTED flight plans for this flight.

      VFR Kona Intl At Keahole (PHKO) to Upolu (PHUP).pln

      VFR Hana (PHHN) to Lanai City (PHNY).pln

      These flight plans also have a couple of side trips we used to take.

      I plan to to do two C-47 flights sometime in the near future using these flight plans, most likely sometime the week after his flights.

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        I must send my regrets, Hawg and pilots as I will not be home in time to partake of this flight. I am still not returned to Vegas from Lake Havasue, Arizona.
        Respects, Bob ...


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          Thanks for the flight Hawg!

          A few snaps from the evening.

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            Here are some pictures of this flight......


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