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  • YBBN Real flight fly in.

    Thought it might be an interesting idea. Copying real flights/times, using which ever real flight you want that flies into YBBN (Brisbane) between 1445 and 1500 hours inclusive. Beware Brisbane does not do daylight savings. I was thinking the msflights au server and just use the default weather this time to ensure landings on the same runway. Can find the flights on flightstats site or flightaware. If everyone enjoys maybe we could start this on a regular basis landing at other airports.
    November 4th, 2018 12:45 PM
    November 4th, 2018 04:00 PM

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    Are you really planning a 14 hour event?


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      Originally posted by Karl View Post
      Are you really planning a 14 hour event?
      No, the idea is to fly into Brisbane that day copying a real flight that lands between 2.45pm and 3pm local Brisbane time. on Flight stats, the longest flight is a 737-300 coming from Port Morseby that pushes back at 01:45 UTC, 11.45 qld time or 12.45 nsw vic, and is a four hour flight


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        Shortest flight will be a jetstar flight from Newcastle, leaving at 0350utc, 1350 in queensland, 1450 in nsw vic. flight 1hr10min

        other flights 717 from Adelaide, 0220 UTC 1220qld 1320nsw vic 12.50 local Adelaide time 2hr25min

        738 from Hobart 00:05UTC, 12:05 qld time, 13:05 vic nsw, flight time 2h40min

        738 from Adelaide 0225UTC 1225 Brisbane time, 1325 nsw vic time 12.55 local Adelaide time 2hr25min

        717 from Canberra 0315UTC 1315qld time, 1415 nsw vic 1hr45min

        738 from Cairns 0240UTC, 1240 qld time, 1340nsw vic time 2hr15 mins

        so 7 flights to choose from different aircraft and departures that get to Brisbane between
        2:45 and 3pm local time.
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          OK, discovered it was a bad time for USA friends. Next week I will try again a bit earlier. Thanks for the person that tried to make it more realistic by providing tower, sorry you caught me a bit off guard and you were originally on the wrong server I think. I went to do the longest flights for that time frame and my internet decided to do a disco, just got everything back up in time to do the shortest flight. Wayne, COM0855


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