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Mountain Snake Flights: Delivering Fire Supplies and Relief to Redding

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  • Mountain Snake Flights: Delivering Fire Supplies and Relief to Redding

    Mountain Snake Flights
    Flight Starts At:
    Time Zone Start Time
    US Eastern 9:00PM
    US Central 8:00PM
    US Mountain 7:00PM
    US Pacific 6:00PM
    UK London 1:00AM Saturday
    This week we have been tasked to help in the California wildfire efforts and bringing
    supplies to Redding. Fill up your planes full of food, water, fire retardant, and other supplies
    to support the firefighting efforts.

    As we learned last week, aviation has a huge role in fighting forest fires. This week we will
    get more of a hands on experience to support the people in need of the devastating fires.

    More information will continue to be published as this real ongoing fire continues and may
    change the characteristics of our next flight. Stay tuned!

    Flights are usually bi-weekly.
    This is a VFR flight. We will be flying mainly by hand following the route as a guide.
    The main goal of these flights is to enjoy the scenery.
    This is a continuous flight series and we will start where we left off last week.

    Multiplayer Platform

    Hub/Server: KARL Hub
    Full installation and setup is required before the flight starts.
    Ensure you are familiar with the software to minimize delays before the flight.
    New Pilots: Please note, you can use X-Plane or Any version of FSX/P3D with JoinFS

    Flight Plan
    You may use this Skyvector map to use as a guide.
    We may not be flying Direct.

    Cruise Speed
    Averaged speed of participants.
    Probably 150-200 KIAS.


    Cargo or Firefighting aircraft.
    I will probably be in the C-130.

    Default scenery is acceptable.
    Expect scenery differences with other pilots and elevation issues with JoinFS.
    We will be in Orbx regions if you have Northern California installed.

    I will be using Active Sky Next.
    Please use a real world weather source unless conditions are unfavorable.
    Fair conditions is also acceptable.

    Time Sync
    Set sim time to 6PM local time. (Real Time)
    *Time Sync is not a requirement

    Forest fires near flight path or en-route of flight. Smoke may cause a reduction in visibility
    and possible respiratory problems for crew and passengers.

    See you in the air!
    August 18th, 2018 01:00 AM
    August 18th, 2018 03:00 AM
    Ocean Ridge Airport, California, United States of America, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Observable Universe
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    Edited Group Flight info. See you in a couple hours!


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