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Chopper Tuesdays - week 24 - Japanese Tour - HIDAKA MOUNTAINS

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  • Chopper Tuesdays - week 24 - Japanese Tour - HIDAKA MOUNTAINS

    A ride over the Hidaka Mountains at 110 knots.

    Flight plans: (both .PLN and .FMS files available).
    Or look at the end of our Discord channel #group-flight-info on the day of the flight.
    Start 1st stop 2nd stop Last stop
    Kushiro Obihiro Shizunai-chō New Chitose
    Red text indicates special waypoint codes that are not in your GPS/FMC database.
    * Our second stop is in Shizunaikawaugan Ryokuchi Park by a river, about a mile inland from the sea. Land near the hovering Helibot.

    Cruise: 110 knots indicated, altitude at pilot's discretion (up to 6,000 ft).

    Aircraft: Rotorcraft only (see FAQ).

    Scenery: Default is OK.

    Server: JoinFS hub: TBA. Use JoinFS stable version 1.4.9.).

    Simulators: All welcome: FS9, FSX boxed, FSX Steam edition, Prepar3D, X-Plane.


    Are these flights for rotorcraft only?
    Yes. No fixed wing aircraft please.

    I sometimes like to fly weird stuff. What exactly are you calling a rotorcraft?
    1. It must have one or more rotors that generate lift (so no Jet Packs!).
    2. It must be capable of hovering in place, as well as controlled vertical take-off and landing (so no autogyros).
    Other than that, anything is OK. So in addition to helicopters, you can bring (for example) your Rotodynes and Verticopters.

    I'm really new/inexperienced with rotocraft and concerned I'll make a fool of myself.
    No problem. These flights are to have fun. We all start somewhere and you'll find people are supportive.

    Will we always be landing at airports?
    Sometimes, yes, but not always. Sometimes we'll land at heliports or on helipads. But sometimes we may land on grassland or a beach, or even on a lake (with advance warning, of course, so we fly with floats!).

    Will we always fly direct between stops?
    Not always. Very often we will follow natural features such as valleys, rivers and shorelines.

    Will we fly the same speed each week?
    Not necessarily. Our slowest flights, at 80 knots, allow pilots to choose from the greatest range of rotorcraft, but be prepared for occasional change.

    Will we always start one week where we left off the previous week?
    Sometimes, yes. Some flights will be "tours" and be part of a series. But others will be one-off flights.

    Will you be subjecting us to trivia and trivia questions?
    No! Not on these flights.
    March 14th, 2018 03:00 AM
    March 14th, 2018 05:00 AM
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    Here are my pictures of this flight . Thank you Storm.....


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