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    FSV'S Iron Man!

    The Pearl Harbor Attack
    In response to the growing crisis in the Pacific, in early December 1941 four Boeing B-17C Flying Fortresses and two new B-17Es of the 30th Bombardment Group were flying cross country from New Orleans, Louisiana stopped at Hamilton on their way to Hickam AAF in Hawaii then on to Clark AAF in the Philippines to reinforce the 19th Bombardment Group stationed there.

    After leaving Hamilton, and flying all through the night, the bombers arrived over Oahu on the morning of December 7, 1941, and faced an unusual welcome. The B-17s had arrived over Oahu during the Japanese air attack on Hawaii which triggered America's entry into World War II. The B-17C Flying Fortresses arrived at Pearl Harbor at the height of the attack (radar operators mistakenly thought that the Japanese attack force was this flight arriving from California). Some of the planes managed to land at a short fighter strip at Haleiwa, one set down on a golf course, and the remainder landed at Hickam under the strafing of Japanese planes.

    In addition, twelve B-17Ds of the 5th Bombardment Group were parked on the ground at Hickam AAF during the attack. Five of these B-17s were destroyed, and eight were damaged.

    The B-17Es of the 7th Bombardment Group were moved back to Hamilton from Utah for deployment to the Far East. Six of them arrived in Hawaii just after the Pearl Harbor attack, but the rest of them were ordered to remain in the United States to defend California and were sent south to Muroc AAF near Rosamond.

    Flight Reenactment
    I would like to invite you to our annual reenactment of the B17 flight from Hamilton AFB San Rafael California to Hickman Air Force Base Honolulu, on December 9, 2017.

    Because December 7th falls on a weekday, we will take off from Hamilton Army Air Field December 9, 2017 arriving at Honolulu on December 10, 2017 at 07:30:00 Hawaii Time, to coincide with the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7 1941 at 07:00:00 Hawaii time.
    This flight is not for the faint of heart. Those making this flight will be looking at 12 to 14 hours of flight time.

    Here's the flight plan and weather for this flight, by Randy Cain.....

    This package contains the weather, flight plan and saved flight for Ironman - 2017. It already contains the historic weather for December 6 and 7, 1941, so you won't need to worry about addon weather or other players not have the same weather as you. I've also made sure we have continuous weather tranistions for the crossing, so there won't be those huge gaps of no weather at all for the crossing that we get from either default or addon programs that don't display any weather at all, if there's no station to report the weather.

    Here's a great movie that's loosely based on the real world flight.

    Airspeed:....................130 KAIS
    Flight Time:.................9:00 PM PDST/12:00 PM EDST
    MSFlight's Discord:........Group Flight Channel
    The B-17 Iron man flight will be hosted on FSV'S Join FS Sever.
    We will be using live weather for this flight.

    ----This secenry was created before Orbx and does not play well with it, so you may want to disable Orbx's northern California-----
    FS2004 and FSX, Hamilton Army Air Field 1939




    FSX and FS2004 Scenery Fix
    This will fix the night textures for the Hamilton runways.
    simply copy and paste the Hamilton-Air-Force-overlay.BGL into FS9/FSX's Hamilton Army Air Field scenery folder and click the ok when asked to overwrite.

    December 10th, 2017
    December 10th, 2017
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    can this be flown on x-plane?


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      No reason why not. There is a B-17 for X-Plane downloadable here, though it's not a simple beast to fly, and reckon on spending some time getting used to the handling and the Internal Drift Indicator before the flight. Hamilton AFB is not in X-Plane scenery and I'm not aware of any custom scenery for it, so depart from either from CA35 (3 miles south) or KDVO (6 miles NNW) and join up with the squadron.
      Follow our @msflights Twitter feed here for event reminders. Find out more about how our Twitter feed works here. Freeware aircraft and utilities in


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        Nitrous, SRF Hamilton Field no longer exists, but Napa County KAPC is nearby and has runways of 5900 feet, plenty to get a fully loaded B17 off the ground. We could then use the Sausalito VOR (SAU 116.20) as the rendevous point.
        For weather in X-plane, I don't know what info you need, but I had to compromise the FSX weather, as I couldn't get it done specifically for each airport in X either. Set partly to mostly cloudy, winds out of the east, 8 knots, gusting 12, slight to moderate turbulence. Temperature 59 degrees F. (This gives you the runway 8 approach when we get to Honolulu)


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          On a separate note, for users of the Aeroplane Heaven/Justflight B-17, I've made repaints to match the colors of the Pacific Pre-war paints of the plane, for use in 1942 and before. These are for the E and F models of the AH B-17.
          You can download the paints here:


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