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Friday Night State Hop in Saskatchewan, Canada

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  • Friday Night State Hop in Saskatchewan, Canada

    Friday Night State Hop!!!

    This time, we are exploring the lands of Saskatchewan in Helicopters!!! Somehow they got HawgDawg4life to lead this flight!

    All four of these hops are fairly short, so any helicopter will do (although I would stay away from the Robinson R-22). The intended speed of this flight will be no faster than 120 knots. Altitude will be at the pilots discretion, however, I will be flying just above the tree line.

    Starting Airport: CJW7 - Cigar Lake, Elevation 1554 ft. We will air-taxi and depart from the runway.

    First stop: 41.9 Miles, Bearing 076, CZWL - Wollaston Lake, Elevation 1358 ft. Here, we will land and depart from GA Parking

    Next Stop: 49.4 Miles, Bearing 097, CYBT - Brochet, Elevation 1131 ft. Here, we will attempt to get everyone landed on the runway facing the airport.

    Next Stop: 44.1 Miles, Bearing 002, CZWH - Lac Brochet, Elevation 1121 ft. This will be interesting, we are going to attempt to hover above the airport and land simultaneously.

    Final Stop: 78.4 Miles, Bearing 133, CJQ9 - Big Sand Lake, Elevation 1050 ft. This is our long flight and our final destination.

    Here is the skyvector file:

    Expect a flight plan in the file browser
    See my videos Here

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    Is this flight still on for tonight?
    Happy landings,

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