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    You have a great route system with lots of choices but I was wondering how is the pilot pay calculated? Is it just a set rate per hour depending on your rank? What is the rate?

    Also, is there a way to add a column to the pilot list with the average vertical landing speed so one can compare their landing skills with other pilots? I know this might be a difficult thing to implement but I thought I would ask anyway.


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    Hey Marty!

    I'll have to get in touch with Kalo, to see about the landing rate column, but it sounds like a cool idea!

    Now onto the Pilot Pay.. I believe it is calculated with the aircraft passengers, and how long you fly. I don't believe ranks change your pay. But maybe someone else could correct me?

    Anyways, thanks for asking and I hope this solved your question!

    Happy Flying
    - Mulder | Virtual Airlines Manager | Senior Operator


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      Hi Marty,
      Yes it is based on a rate per hour depending on your rank.

      New Hire <5hr $30/hr
      Rookie Airman 5~10hr $40/hr
      Airman First class 10~ 35hr $50/hr
      Senior Airman 35~95hr $60/hr
      Second Officer 95~170hr $70/hr
      First Officer 170~300hr $80/hr
      Captain 300~1000hr 100/hr
      Senior Captain >1000 $120/hr

      If you want any other info please post or give me a call in TeamSpeak.
      Oz Flyer.
      VA Operations Manager.
      SPAD.neXt Beta tester. Beta tester.

      Got a question about the Virtual Airline? Please post in the VA forum or send me a private message.


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