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  • CaseyRyback53
    just keep in your minds: as more repaints you put in your FS , as bigger the aircraft.cfg. and a big aircraft.cfg(expl.:Virtualcol dash 8 comes with 4 models and 150 repaints)slows the loading process of your FS down, specialy on lowend machines. so install just the paints u like to fly and all paintnumbers in your aircraft.cfg u dont wanna use put xx instead of following numbers and they dont get load up.(dont touch the standart model, what is allways number 0 or you got errors). so if your new paint is number 13 but u x-out all others except number 0 than your new paint has the number 1 and so on.

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  • Kalo
    I like the idea, I like the idea to link to existing files instead of hosting them ourselves. Things we host should be left mainly to things our community has created. I think it would be OK to link our forum posts to the actual download link instead of the files info page. Alot of sites make it kinda hard to find the download link so we could probably just link directly to their download link.

    Right now the only staff with access to the OpenDrive file browser are Hawg, Sound, Storm and I. I would love more staff to get involved to help populate our download forum.

    Once I get the vb5 upgrade finished, I plan on making an "Index" page of all our downloads, which would link to the specific forum posts for each download.

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  • Travis
    started a poll MSF Trusted Repaints/Aircraft Subgroups

    MSF Trusted Repaints/Aircraft Subgroups

    YES! Go on and do it already!
    NO! This is absolutly INSANE!

    The poll is expired.

    I had an Idea that crossed my mind yesterday and another one related that crossed today. It looked sort of like this: /, then this: \ And it ended up looking like this X. All jokes aside, I would like to create Sub Forum(s) in our Vault/Downloads section.

    Idea 1: Repaints.(MSF Approved commonly used aircraft)
    A pilot(Robo) was told that the C-47s repaints were easy to find or something to that nature, he then asked me about it the day after mentioning it was not easy to find. I looked for a minute via google and agreed, there is some un-clarity in the different versions available. Then shortly after this idea popped into my head. We could put Links to these "Trusted" good repaints into some sort of accessible database (AKA forum post) I thought about it a bit and looked what would be best suitable. It seemed only right to put it into the downloads and repaints section of the forum, it would keep it organized and out of the way of day to day forum posts. There would be some restrictions & administration to this idea. I would be happy to manage it, But the aircraft would need to be added to the forum by Staff only in a standardized way preferably. This is because of a few reasons. I don't want to see it getting out of control, and I am sure my fellow staff would say the same. It would be "Approved" repaints, if anyone can post it, who knows if it has been tested, if it is any good, or if it may be a virus or etc. The focus of this would also be on commonly used aircraft, like the C-47 or anything else that was once in Storm's onedrive, as well as maybe Dino's Aircraft, Piglets, Etc. Even stuff for planned group flights would probably get approved. Keep in mind, These will only be External LINKs to other hosting sites.
    Here is an Example of how I would like to see laid out.

    C-47 Version 2

    Base Aircraft Download: (Clickable Link HERE)[If available]

    FSX C-47 Skytrain v2 Around_The_world 2014



    This could be repeated with multiple repaints on the same post by editing, or added by other staff.

    Idea 2: Storm's Hangar Recommendations(or other fitting name)
    This would be using a similar principle as the repaints section. Just in the Aircraft downloads section of the forum. It would contain a link to download the original aircraft that was previously on storms onedrive then any fixes, either described or downloadable links below that he has done to the aircraft. This Section will probably take a lot of time to complete due to the complexity, but hopefully a few things will happen to start it off(if and when it does). This would be a good way to supply aircraft that is favored by storm, without any chance of copyright infringement, then with some of his personally made tweaks. These would be posted in a similar way as the repaints.

    These two ideas would end up linking together in a way, The Repaint sections will supply a link to any aircraft located applicable in "Storms" section, and any aircraft in storms section would supply a link to the repaints.

    The Goal: Easily accessibility to good freeware aircraft & repaints via a central location on our forums.
    Examples: Im new, where can I get good aircraft? Where is that pesky gooney bird we used to fly and that I always catch on fire and/or crash on storms group flights? Im tired of looking at these default paints, is there anything actually good I could look at for once?

    Please vote in the poll above!
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