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  • fantasy football trade rules

    Can we get some kind of set-rule in place either via the honor system or is there an actual league setting where you prohibit trades once the post season has started?

    I understand there's a veto option, but when the only people looking & voting on the trades are the people doing the trades and myself, they go thru every single time when it's obvious team-stacking.
    Thankfully this is not a money league, but it defeats the fun for myself and others when you're trading garbage players for top 10 players, repeatedly.
    Wil Lutz, NO K 136 6 81.6 -0.3
    Kenyan Drake, Mia RB 89 32 86.2 +8.6
    Blake Bortles, Jax QB 211 13 39.3 +18.9
    Chris Ivory, Jax RB 58 54 46.3 +32.1
    Le'Veon Bell, Pit RB 226 2 100.0 +0
    Alvin Kamara, NO RB 194 4 98.1 +0.2
    Melvin Gordon, LAC RB 185 6 99.9 +0
    Greg Zuerlein, LAR K 180 1 95.7 -0.1
    The point differential and talent between the 4 are insane. This team-stacking/friend-helping activity is prohibited in every other fantasy football league I've been a part of.
    To: Brisbane Vipers (BNEV) - Tristan Ayton
    From: Denver Dorks (DORK) - Stormerne Hunt

    Rank #1 WR in Fantasy football provided for a sub-average scoring (for 2017-2018) Dez Bryant. Thankfully, the effect of this wasn't felt in the match-up because he hurt his calf.

    Just my two cents here. If this is how it is, count me out for next year, it's been fun otherwise.

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    I think this is fair. Would raise a lot of eyebrows if a real team did that.


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      Another great year, despite the cheating. I look forward to an update on any revised rules, I would like to know ahead of time prior to committing to the next season. Thanks for the host again Lazer.


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        When someone makes a trade that you don't LIKE, it's not called cheating. Everyone followed the rules and there was NO cheating... get it right man.
        Happy landings,

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          Unfortunately it is cheating. The platform that we're using considers it cheating - and for their hosted leagues, they follow their own Fair Play and Conduct rules that we evidently do not follow. The Fair Play & Conduct rules per ESPN Fantasy football for Standard leagues, section B states the following:

          B: Collusive transactions

          Collusion occurs when one team makes moves to benefit another team, without trying to improve its own position. One-sided trades are an obvious example of this. Another example is when a player drop is made so another team can pick up that player. Teams found in violation of this policy will be cancelled and their owners prohibited from participating in future ESPN Fantasy Games.

          NOTE: Free Standard League members are expected to veto/protest any and all unfair or collusive trades throughout the season. At least 4 votes to protest are needed in a Free Standard League for a trade to be denied.

          This is a rule in virtually every fantasy football platform that's out there, (Yahoo's, ESPN's, NFL's), however when you're in a private league, such as we are/were, the owner of the league has to enforce this, the site-runner does not have a hand in it. In addition to the league owner supposed to be moderating this, the other teams in the league need at least 4 votes to protest against any trade. We have 4 active total league members that look at the website every day/week. If any of them are involved in a trade, there is 0 chance anything would ever be vetoed. Since we started playing this 3 years ago, nobody has ever had a trade declined.

          Just for shooting the shit, let's take a look at just this season as an example of what I am talking about.

          Example #1:
          December 9th. Trade accepted between BNEV and DORK.

          Trade Contents: Antonio Brown (from BNEV) in trade for Dez Bryant (from DORK).

          Antonio Brown, at the time the #1 receiver in fantasy football,

          Antonio Brown - Rank #1 at the time of the trade. Total points earned: 204

          Dez Bryant - Rank #22 at the time of the trade. Total points earned: 108.

          Where did Antonio Brown go? Right onto the active roster for DORK.

          Where did Dez Bryant go? Right onto the bench for BNEV. Not active, hasn't been active or switched out, not even being played.

          A #1 for a #22. Who was this trade intended to benefit? In the end, Antonio Brown got hurt, and was unable to contribute to a match-up victory.

          But who knows, Itís just one trade and one player, it could just be coincidence.

          Example #2:
          December 19th. Trade accepted between COAS and DORK.

          Context: DORK already eliminated from the playoffs - dumping off players to try to boost COAS into a matchup success, stacking their team.

          Trade Contents: COAS sending: Wil Lutz, Kenyan Drake, Blake Bortles, Chris Ivory, DORK sending Le'Veon Bell, Alvin Kamara, Melvin Gordon, Greg Zuerlein

          COAS getting..
          Le'Veon Bell - Rank #1 Fantasy Football running back

          Alvin Kamara - Rank #5 Fantasy Football running back

          Melvin Gordon - Rank #4 Fantasy Football running back

          Greg Zuerlein - Rank #1 Kicker in Fantasy Football

          DORK getting..
          What did DORK receive for such a hefty talent trade? It should at least be close, right? Letís take a look:

          Will Lutz - Rank #5 Kicker in Fantasy Football (He traded a #1 for a #5?...)

          Kenyan Drake - Rank #33 Fantasy Football running back (He traded a #1, #4, and #5 for a #33?...)

          Blake Bortles - Rank # 13 Fantasy Football quarterback (straight to the bench)

          Chris Ivory - Rank # 56 Fantasy Football running back (straight to the bench)

          That is collusion/team-stacking. Plain and simple.

          There were similar trades made last season, but I don't think that's necessary to dig those up.

          This is a fantasy football league, hopefully intended for fun. It's not fun when people try and cheat. I enjoy winning the championships, but count me out for next year. If I had lost against these stacked teams, as I was projected to do so - I would be a little irked that I wasted any time trying to make strategic moves and planning just for it to be pointless in the end just because someone wants their buddy to win.

          I am hosting a fantasy league for active players and friends in 2018, if you're interested, PM me. I have 8 spots filled right now, I am looking for 2 more players that are interested - No money buy-ins for 2018.
          Play Fantasy Football for free on ESPN! Expert analysis, live scoring, mock drafts, and more.


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            Post season=Pro bowl! : O

            Not taking anyone's side here, but my opinion is that after the first week of post season, their should be no more trades. I understand if you need to fill a slot or two(should be done first week), but that is it really. You should stay true to your team that made it though the season. That is my 2 cents.

            On next seasons note:
            I will probably not participate on the main fact that I have not had time for it. Last season I at least checked every week and moved players around here and there. I logged on less than 5 times this season. If I did have the time, the above probably would not have made me excited either, but is not a factor in my decision.

            Thanks for hosting Lazer, sorry I could not participate as much as I wanted.


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