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Tutorial: How to create a detailed "Prospector-style" flight plan for a group flight

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  • Tutorial: How to create a detailed "Prospector-style" flight plan for a group flight

    After the recent and apparently successful group flight "Colorado prospector Tour #1", Robert Dunn asked me to write a tutorial to help others create similar types of plans for their flights (should they so wish). Here it is!

    You'll find the tutorial as a PDF file plus the final worked example of a .PLN file here (on a friend's Skydrive):
    Storm's public tutorial directory

    I most emphasize that this is not the way to plan group flight, only a way. It doesn't supplant the popular "Airport-only" type of plan we use so much and will probably continue to use. In fact the advantages and disadvantages of each type are discussed at the start of the tutorial. However, it's an alternative, and may well reward the hard work needed to create it.

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    Great tutorial, thanks for sharing. Very in depth and well written. Highly recommend everyone give this a read no matter what your experience level is, tons of great info in there. Nice job, Storm.
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