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  • Congested Approach

    I just watched this video. Should he have done a tear drop entry instead of his mid field entry?

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    I was taught to overfly an uncontrolled field to get the lay of the land, check for anything that would interfere with safe operations of the aircraft and then proceed with a "teardrop" entry into the pattern. I did encounter an instance where another pilot dropped in from midfield right behind me.

    I thought it was careless as he clearly was not listening to traffic call outs. I was forced to exit the pattern and reenter because I had no way to confirm where he was other than behind me or, worse perhaps descending right on top of me. I was told later that in days gone by that is how pilots were taught to enter a pattern at an uncontrolled field. Mid-field entries only provide for a fraction of the time to evaluate the conditions. You'll see me do them regularly in FSX as it's quicker. I have never done one or been with anyone who has done one IRL.

    Unrelated tidbit, you can hear a call out to Hanscomb which is where Airwolf flies from. Also Minuteman is within biking distance of where I grew up. Nice find Travis!


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