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blurries in p3d using gsx and the airbus aircraft

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  • blurries in p3d using gsx and the airbus aircraft

    hi this is fltnut
    here is what i did to fix my blurries with scenery not loading when coming down to land
    1 delete config file for p3d
    2 restart sim
    3chk your config file again and make sure affinity mask not there if not there thats good
    add the line
    if you have to update the gsx do not i repeat do not save to p3d it will add things to your config file you don t need in there
    i did one other thing to my file
    down in the terrain section where the lod=6.3 i upped my to 9.5 for better veiwing distance
    also lower your fps to 30 in sim
    you can play around with scenery settings and i have mine at very dense on the first 2 and dense on the 3 one and med resolution at 1024
    look at my videos at gonebaddog123 and under p3d v3.4 you will see my videos
    here is a link if need be
    be sure to hit file and save it when done with config file
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