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BigBox OFF LINE until 18 July

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  • BigBox OFF LINE until 18 July

    BigBox sim server has suffered a CPU cooling system failure and will be taken off line for a week. Further analysis of BigBox's lag problem eventually resulted in my measurement of the CPU temperature after I witnessed a total computer shut down with fans continuing to run. This is symptomatic of Intel's built-in over temperature protection feature. More details will follow when I get time. CPU temperature is measured at 98 degrees Celsius by ALCPU's Core Temp v1.1 software. CPU temperature rises to this 98`C within 5 minutes from boot up under no load other than OS background programs (Win 10, virgin install). BigBox will remain cold and dark now. BigBox CAN be successfully booted for short (5 minute) intervals to analyze and measure. Parts and supplies are being ground shipped from my computer parts inventory in Seattle to Las Vegas BigBox installation location by tomorrow, 12 July, by my lovely and cooperative wife whom the community continues to owe a debt of gratitude to for her years of behind the scenes service to our sim server efforts.
    Respects, Bob ...

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    Thanks for the update Bob. Sorry about the ongoing pc problems. Thank you to your wife also.:encouragement:


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