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    Originally posted by Dot View Post
    My POV: community is based on core group of people who've been "here" forever. Noobs cannot learn aspects of aviation because there are next to no opportunities to create relationships (such as it is online) with people of experience (Mike being one, Airwolf being another). Majority of experience fly together and "know" each other which is an enabler of group exclusivity.

    Ya gotta create experiences for the introductory guys/girls such that it builds and fosters relationships between the new and the old (not age). What I see here is a small team with a revolving door. Good observation however by OP despite this being typical of a lot of RPG guilds and other small groups of individuals. Group flights put people in the same mission, but no cohesion is built, hardly any learning is taking place, and a lot of other missed opportunities to bring others into the fold might be the cause.

    Lack of ATC isn't it. VA is fun, until its not. Group flights are interesting, but that also depends on who is leading.

    The military people in here should have a good idea on how to bring the new guys in and help foster that team building effort. Takes work but that is the only way to grow your group, if that's what you're after.
    I was introductory to the community last January, and though I'd probably be considered a veteran sim pilot due to the number of flight hours, I had no idea how to do the group thing...I took a chance, jumped into the Thursday night flight...and now I'm a regular, when life doesn't get in the way. All you have to do is give any of the flights a try. The people here are great, they will help, or at least help you help yourself.


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      I like the perspective, Dot. I'd add that many of the experienced guys that make up what you might consider the core group within the community were, at some point, the new guy, so it can happen!
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