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More realistic ground friction

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  • More realistic ground friction

    (For intermediate users, requires FSUIPC payware.)

    Here is another way of customizing microsoft-based simulators to make it more realistic.
    In default set up, lending and taking off in the crosswind feels like you are on ice and aircraft is sliding sideways uncontrollably.
    The ground friction inaccuracy has been known for a while and Peter from FSUIPC made it possible to adjust and correct that problem.
    In the "Modules/FSUIPC Documents" folder you will find "Example LUA plugins.ZIP".
    Here you can find DynamicFriction.lua

    Lua activation;

    Put "DynamicFriction.lua" in "Modules" folder in your main simulator folder.
    In "FSUIPC4.ini" ;
    Search for [Auto], if you don't have it put this sequence in;

    1=Lua DynamicFriction

    if you have it put this line with the next number after last "Lua"
    X=Lua DynamicFriction

    - Save "FSUIPC4.ini"

    Highly adjustable file that you can change the way you like it.
    After playing with it for a while, here is alternative dynamic friction file that increases side friction dramatically, helping simulate more accurate, more difficult crosswind handling, (looking for RW pilots opinions)

    Putting in [Auto] entry in your FSUIPC.ini will make it active for all aircraft.

    You can, on top of it have custom frictions for specific aircraft by;
    1.creating a profile in FSUIPC for that aircraft.
    2.creating separate LUA file with unique name.
    3.putting additional sequence relating to a specific aircraft.

    1=Lua DynamicFriction_DHC6

    "otter" is the profile name
    (Custom dynamic friction file name is "DynamicFriction_DHC6.lua", not "Lua DynamicFriction_DHC6.lua")

    It will be loaded only for that aircraft and deactivated at aircraft change.

    Here is an example in my FSUIPC.ini ;
    1=Lua DynamicFriction
    2=Lua AASkid
    3=Lua transponder_a2a

    1=Lua DynamicFriction_DHC6

    1=Aerosoft DHC-6 Series 300 404
    2=Aerosoft DHC-6 300 Tundra 404
    3=Aerosoft DHC-6 Series 300 Wheels
    4=Aerosoft DHC-6 300 Tundra CARGO

    H L
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    I was testing this out yesterday with Mike on some crosswind landings. It really added a lot of realism to my sim! 5 Stars! Thanks Mike!


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