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FSX Team Rocket Aerobatics [RECRUITING!]

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  • FSX Team Rocket Aerobatics [RECRUITING!]

    FSX Team Rocket Aerobatics is a demonstration team mirroring the real life Team Rocket Aerobatics team. The real team consists of two pilots flying the Vans RV-4; however, I've been trying to find a second pilot for quite some time now. Any practices I've done are with temporary pilots from FSX Flyers Airshows. If you think you've got what it takes to be that 2nd pilot, reply to this post or email me at with the following information:

    -Email Address
    -Flight Sim Equipment (Stick, Pedals, etc)
    -Availability during the day
    -A quick resume of your FSX expertise (Total hours, other form. teams, etc)
    -Why you want to be a part of the team

    -Must be 15 years of age.
    -Must be 100% committed to the team.
    -Must have at least a basic knowledge of formation flying techniques.
    -Must be willing to practice, many times a day if necessary, to better themselves and the demonstration.
    -Must represent the team well to the community.

    If you are selected as a candidate, you will try out by flying formation off of me through a series of maneuvers from the real show. If you are successful, you will become a probation member for roughly a week to determine your long run commitment and availability.

    Good luck! ride:

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