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Why i fly bush planes in Alaska and Canada.

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  • Why i fly bush planes in Alaska and Canada.

    Alot of people ask me why i mainly fly bush planes around the north west and alaska and to be honest ive said many times its a beautifall place to fly and explore. But this video sums up why i love the area and the history in the aviation up there. I plan to head to canada and alaska and fly this area in real life (one for the bucket list)

    Well worth a watch -

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    Same here Edd. Nothing beats that part of the world when it comes to bush flying..There's so much nature and geological wonders to see and explore.. In the virtual world of flightsim, just add the freeware scenery addons collection, Return to Misty Moorings to your FSX or P3D on top of required FTX and FSAddon payware enhancement addons required to use it then you'll experience "how real it can get" :witless:
    [B]Flying a helicopter is the most fun you can have with your hand between your legs and not go blind...[/B] :very_drunk:


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      The misty moorings stuff is nice but it is compiled terribly and takes far too long for the average user to install i have it but it took a while they really need to zip it all together as a separate download option.


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        I think this calls for a group flight! DHC Beavers?


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          You're right, it's not for the average user who wants "instant gratification" without the hassles of time-consuming, cumbersome, manual installation. I installed almost all of the RTMM add-ons (except for their boating extras) as instructed in their site and everything works fine with my set-up except for minor texture anomalies which they are constantly correcting/updating as long as the users report the issue/s in their forums. It initially took me a couple of days to complete and get used to how it's done. I read in their forum that due to the massive addon collection they have created and offered for several years now, troubleshooting and isolating RTMM addon issues for them is not quick and painless so they decided to separate the addons downloading for easier issue/s correction and updating instead of combining all addons into a single ZIP file download. But I think their bush-flying environment is still second to none, for now.. I have yet to know or see a better, more comprehensive freeware bush flying package than what they are currently offering..


          Any bushplane or helicopter will do nicely since they offer lots of different "low and slow" flight-seeing scenarios like difficult or challenging approaches, hard to find airstrips, narrow helipads, landable AI ships, cutters, freighters, etc. There's just too many goodies to mention here..:kiwi-fruit:

          Here's a nice but bit dated overview video about the RTMM world:

          [B]Flying a helicopter is the most fun you can have with your hand between your legs and not go blind...[/B] :very_drunk:


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            I have all the stuff they offer also with the exception of the boats and i have my flight replica cub in misty mooring scheme. I have offered to enhance some of there scenery and produce the missing parts but i got no response so ive done many of them for my personal sim. Im currently working on the slave lake floating homes and ft resolution airfield.
            Id say if you can get through the pain staking install it is worth installing its a good freeware addition and adds a whole new level for those bush pilots out there. I regually find myself inventing stories and flying supplies to hunting lodges and off griders all over the pacific north west and Alaska I just tongass to fix my trees in the water issue and ill be a sim off grider up there permanently


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              Cool Edd! I have observed that the RTMM team is very stringent on QC and they want to screen and pre-approve everyone who wants to offer new addons or modify the existing ones they are currently offering. Looking forward to your bush flying group events at MSF.. There are lots of creative ideas-whether real-world inspired or fictional scenarios or storylines that can be injected when planning group flights using their covered regions to make an event more interesting and immersive..
              [B]Flying a helicopter is the most fun you can have with your hand between your legs and not go blind...[/B] :very_drunk:


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                they can pre screen me if they want i dont mind. I think if rockstar games took me on after seeing my FSX payware then misty moorings will be no problem at all. Any response from them would be nice 4 emails sent 0 received over a 3 month period. And yeah definatly come join us on some bush flights soon buddy its always fun and never planned we just fly out and land where we want the true beauty of a bush plane with tundra tires or floats!


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                  Originally posted by GhostRider View Post
                  Cool Edd! I have observed that the RTMM team is very stringent on QC and they want to screen and pre-approve everyone who wants to offer new addons or modify the existing ones they are currently offering.
                  Pfft. They would put him in charge over there.
                  Greetings from Dale
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                    Brad Allen from Return to Misty Moorings here. Sorry to see that you're having a challenge with the time it takes to install our libraries and scenery. I'd be happy to help you out if you'd like. We spend a lot of time designing our scenery, so all we ask is that users take some of their time out to install our required libraries first. It's really not too much to ask is it? Sorry we don't offer a "one click get all of our work right now" option. But anything that you work for in life is usually worth it if you really want it right?

                    Then once the libraries are installed, you pick out some scenery and install it. Then go and discover the places you just selected. Experience these little places one or two at a time. Take your time and see what we have to offer. If you go out and get all the toys in the store in one shopping spree, you're bound to miss out on a lot of the differences in each toy because there's just so much overload.

                    So try out our approach and enjoy a couple of places at a time. Before you know it, you'll have a pretty good collection of ours to spend some time with. I'd suggest getting "Misty's Place" first since that's our home base. Then go get the "Legacy" collection next. That package will give you a larger collection of locations in one package that will keep you busy for awhile.

                    Best of all, have fun.



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                      Hello Edd2287,

                      I'd be happy to work together with you on getting some of your scenery designs up at Return to Misty Moorings. Since RTMM is my idea and I'm the Scenery project manager there and have envisioned and created about 99% of what you see at the site, I'd be very interested in what you say you have to offer.

                      We're always looking for new talent so lets see what you would like to create inside our little slice of the pie and let's get some of your work up at RTMM!

                      What can I help you with? Let me know?

                      Brad Allen
                      RTMM Creator and Project Leader



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                        Brad, I see your point on having things separated, however at the same time there are some other aspects most may not think of. For me, finding all those different add-ons and places can be very tedious and time consuming, but doable. But just for one second, I will not think about just myself. We have many different types of people around here. Some from different country's, some young, some elderly, and even some with medical conditions from little to extreme. Some of these nice people I have met don't even have the opportunity to fly from when they were born. Many people from these groups may not take the time, or even for some here, physically be able to download all the individual items and compile them properly. They may find it overwhelming or otherwise. I would never suggest RTMM to anyone I think would have difficulty installing and its sad they have to miss out. These are just some things to think about

                        I spend hours helping people with their technical problems such as properly installing planes, scenery, other add on software, etc. I don't mind at all doing these things for people, especially people that I know would never be able to do it by them selves, and not just because they don't feel like it. I would never take on helping someone add more than a couple RTMM add-ons because it is just quite frankly too time consuming.

                        I want you to keep in mind before a reply is made to this post, I am only stating the things above, just to show there can always be another side. I am not asking, nor do I expect Return to Misty Moorings to be compiled or built into an installer. It sure would be nice however if it were compiled with the documentation neatly organized as well. I think many more people would be able to enjoy the work done. Also I think the people that would have gone and individually downloaded and looked for each area would also read through the documentation and find each area as long is good documentation is provided. If these other people are not the crowd RTMM developers want downloading their add-ons then they have everything set up just fine.

                        Also, one thing our community has taught me is to make it as simple as possible. This will avoid people installing incorrectly or false claims of things not working properly.

                        Thanks for reading. I hope you understand my point of view and read it as constructive, even if none is implemented. : )


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                          I understand that concern and it makes perfect sense. However, we have from day one striven to make our process intuitive and easy IF people can just RTFM!! Each of our addon's come with a readme file that includes how to install the given file. AND we always are just a forum post away from any question that stumbles someone. We're very proud of our forum reputation for fast and friendly support and a happy and positive experience.

                          But remember that everything we offer at RTMM is free and each of us volunteer our spare time to RTMM. It's up to the users to take the time to read the instructions and if those don't make sense, then ASK for help if they need it. We don't want people coming along, grabbing everything there is, running off and installing as they see fit for there systems and then coming back to us with support issues because they didn't take the time to at least try our approach. One place at a time, take your time, take in the view, etc.
                          No everyone want's everything RIGHT NOW!! One button, one click, ITS ALL MINE NOW! Nope. Sorry, but we're never going to abandon our viewpoints on that. We created the "Legacy" collection to help get people started and that's a great package of many scenery's in one file. Start with Misty's Place and "Legacy" and then grab a new place after you've appreciated those places first. Is that really too much to ask?

                          We spend hours helping people from around the world in our forums with their technical problems and a lot of it isn't related to RTMM at all. Just like you. What is tedious about discovering a new scenery location in a flight simulator? And if I'm not mistaken, we include a Flightsim plan AND a map in each individual scenery download. How is that tedious? You install the included flightplan file in your sim, you load it up, choose to begin where the flightplan begins at, take off and start the flight. For places that don't have an actual ICAO airport code, there's still the flight plan that should start you at the beginning location right? Pretty straight forward.

                          As you mentioned though, our approach isn't for everyone and that's fine. We all have choices to make. We're happy with our work and are open armed in our support. Just ask and you'll get us to help you out. That's from a bunch of retired and nearly retired pot belly old farts who love bush flying on their computers with a lot of time on their hands at home.

                          So, as I said before, suggest to anyone you think would have difficulty installing our stuff that they contact us in our forums for help and we'll be very happy to assist them getting them all set up in visiting "Misty's Place".



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