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  • New Twitter account: @msflights

    Msflights now has a Twitter account! :eagerness:

    What's it for?
    Its main purposes will be to tweet event reminders and make important announcements. Information will normally be derived from our website rather than being original content. Its primary purpose is not conversation - we can do that via the website PMs or forum posts, or via Teamspeak - but re-tweets are encouraged.

    If you visit the website at least once a day, you may not need this extra way of keeping current with msflights. If, however, you prefer to use social media to keep in touch with current events, following this Twitter feed may be just the thing for you.

    Event reminders
    Reminders for evening events (US eastern time) will normally be tweeted in the morning of the same day of the event. Reminders for early morning events (for example, those run by Novawing24) will be tweeted the previous evening.

    I prepare tweets ahead of time using Tweetdeck. This allows me, days before an event, to schedule tweets to be published at exact times, even if I'm nowhere near a computer. Last minute additions to our event calendar may therefore get missed.

    Reminders will be based on whatever information is on our website calendar at the time of tweet scheduling and will include a link to the event post on the website. If there's a picture that's part of the event's opening post at that time, I'll try to incorporate that in the tweet, resizing to 400x150 when possible.

    Out of consideration for our Twitter followers, only events run by hosts with a track record of reliability will be tweeted. We don't want visitors preparing for an event and turning up on time, only to find their host not there, or late, or leaving early, or having changed the event details at the last minute.

    These will be such things as changes of IP addresses, advance notice of cross community flights, and other important announcements first posted on the website.

    How to read or follow our Twitter feed
    Either click on this button in my signature:

    or click on the large button just above the map on our website's front page (next to the Facebook, Youtube and imgur buttons) that looks like this:

    You don't need a Twitter account to see the feed (the URL is, but if you do have an account, be sure to follow us!

    Tweets to this account are not done automatically; it's a manual process. Fortunately the workload for maintaining this feed is not high and I'll try and keep it current and timely. I'll do my best but there are no guarantees! It does however rely on the timely posting of events on our calendar, so if you're an event leader and you want it to appear on the Twitter please bear that in mind.
    Last edited by Storm; February 21, 2016, 07:04 PM. Reason: Addition of tweet scheduling for events, and note about reliable track record for event hosts.
    Follow our @msflights Twitter feed here for event reminders. Find out more about how our Twitter feed works here. Freeware aircraft and utilities in

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    I think FSX IP address should end with 27 not 47.
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      It would be cool if we had an Instagram account, we could post some screenshots taken on there after a group flight maybe.
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        Trixter I also think that would be a cool idea to have an Instagram account!
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          Originally posted by Josh View Post
          I think FSX IP address should end with 27 not 47.
          Josh, thanks for spotting that. :eagerness: I've corrected it. (It will also still be wrong on the Facebook page from which it was copied, as is the Teamspeak address, though I have no ability to change anything on FB.)
          Follow our @msflights Twitter feed here for event reminders. Find out more about how our Twitter feed works here. Freeware aircraft and utilities in


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