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What are your plans for FSXX in August/September?

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  • What are your plans for FSXX in August/September?

    What are your plans for FSXX in August/September?
    I am going with the $120, PREMIUM DELUXE version.
    I am going with the $90, DELUXE version.
    I am going with the $60, STANDARD version.
    I am going to wait and see how everyone else does with it.
    I am going to wait until I can get a PC/Internet that will handle it.
    I am going to stick with what I am using.
    I am going to use XBox GAMEPASS for PC

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    Needed another option for I'm subscribing to XBox Game Pass for PC... (Although you could say the Standard covers that).
    - Michael
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      I don't think the XBox version is going to be available in the next month or so.


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        The "Xbox Game Pass for PC" has been available for over a year now, and MSFS will be included on day one. I already have a subscription for it, and have MSFS "pre loaded". People can sign up the day before and try out MSFS for a month for $1.
        - Michael
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          Sorry didn't see the game pass for PC in the initial comment. Doing too many things at once I think.


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            I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I'll be getting the $120 version. Since this is more of a hobby and we have been stuck with FSX for so long I can justify the high price.


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              I will be getting the CAD$159.99 version for a couple reasons, the first being that I don't want to see UFO's or substitute aircraft and I don't want to look out my window and not see the thing someone else sees, I have no idea how they are handling this sort of thing in multiplayer but I want all of the "default" aircraft and airports. With DLC I have less of a desire to fill those gaps but at launch, I want everything they are offering.

              Another reason is that I'm 100% done with FSX and P3D, It's just not what I want anymore. I'm done backing up installers and keeping track of serial numbers and dealing with shoddy DRM. I just want everything in one store, where if I want to do a complete reinstall it's in one complete package and it's all taken care of for me. It's not a perfect solution, as we saw with the closing of the Games for Windows Live Marketplace and other services like GameSpy, but it's a model that works better for me. This is the sim I will be using for the foreseeable future so I figure I might as well just go all in.

              I don't do much flying besides bush flying and I want the Zlin Shock Ultra. The more cubs the better.
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                I have always bought the more expensive version. MS made the differences very clear this go around. Certain planes and certain airports. I like my payware stuff, Storm's stuff of course and never really fly the defaults. Even in XP, the 172 is the only default that I put any effort into.

                I have had a very fun summer away from the PC. But a very expensive summer. I figured this was a good place to save $60. Maybe throw it towards tax on a kick ass video card or CPU if it turns out that I need that.


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                  I jumped in with both feet and went with the Premium Deluxe Ver. on PC and have pre-loaded it, Now its just wait and see. May need to upgrade video card.
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                    Once I have a good feel for it from the standard gamepass version, I'll go for the Premium as well. Likely Steam, but we'll see...

                    It sounds like many things are still very much CPU bound as in FSX, but I'm also still watching the rumors of the RTX 3090 that sound like a beast.
                    - Michael
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                      Well I'm not ashamed to say I'll be waiting for a while.
                      Although I'm looking forward to a better sim, I've not had anytime to join in for a very long time. So shelling out what I consider to be big bucks for something I've no time to use would be silly for me.

                      That said, once I get the time, I'll probably go all in for the premium version and a new PC build as I did with FSX deluxe all those years ago.
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                        I'll probably be getting the game pass as well to see how it runs. Maybe I'll see some of you soon in game
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                          For me as an Alpha/beta Tester i stay tuned and wait of the reacion of all the communities and users. I'm not that rich to pay a pre-order and a monthly fee of 4 bucks for something i maybe do not like. ATM i'm very happy with my P3D v5 and all the Addons( invested over all this years more than 3500$ for them plus around 6000$ for 2 new pc's sinse 2012). Should i throw all my scenery's and aircrafts in the trash for an new FS where everybody goes in that manipulated hipe of development strategie from MS? All videos and Pictures, what MS promoted weekly for the public never matched what i saw as a tester. so I WAIT!!
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