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A VR tale for those who wonder about VR.

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  • A VR tale for those who wonder about VR.

    Sitting on the edge about getting virtual reality (VR) goggles for your flight simming? Well read my experience and perhaps it will help give you a push off of the fence.

    Using helicopters in FSX, I was okay at it. But it was a chore and I didn’t really care for it. In X-Plane & DCS, I sucked. When I got my VR glasses 2 years ago, I started with the original Oculus Rift. All of the sudden, helicopters were easy. I could fly and land pretty well right off of the bat. WOW!

    Staying at the right speed and flying the pattern in my trusty Cessna was much less of a chore as well. Very much like the real thing, I focused on the things that I do when flying in real life.

    Most recently I have been tinkering around with the complex Zibo 737-800 and FMC’s. Keeping that thing headed where I wanted and how I wanted was next to impossible when I had to divert my eyes to deal with the FMC during takeoff because the autopilot wasn’t turning on. Then I did it all in VR.
    I had the same issues with the something with the FMC not being right so the friggin’ autopilot wouldn’t turn on. The big difference was I flew the SID out of Vegas like a pro… by hand. It was
    Super easy. Barely an inconvenience! Something came up so I wasn’t going to complete the flight that I planned. So 30+ miles away from the airport I turned around and headed back.

    I flew the whole way back manually. I intercepted the ILS and flew by hand from 20 miles out. What a breeze it was!!

    I think there is no question that VR is the way to go if you have the money and spend time in the sim.

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    What about when you have lots of hardware add on's. How would you see them?
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      Finding buttons, switches can often be done through muscle memory. I still use all my same switches on my X-55. Visual things like your GPS unit or a radio stack aren't very useable when doing VR.


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