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Breathrough at FlightSimX Company! - Flight Server

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  • Breathrough at FlightSimX Company! - Flight Server

    We had a breakthrough with the server on MrCats21's site and the server is now active and is being finished for deployment no later than August 25th 2019. Please allow some time for us to test it and get things tweaked but otherwise it is performing like a trooper on initial tests.

    Server information: Specs

    Hewitt Packard ML350 Server
    96 gigs Ram 2x 2.4 ghz processors
    5tb of space which are for applications we offer online but all servers are placed on a Raid 6 (410gb)


    Team speak3 is now operating and in testing phase on the Server.

    We are in the process of setting up a Domain Controller on it for administration.

    FSHOST Installed.
    JoinFS Installed
    Vpilot Installed.

    Get ready to fly boys -- She's a com'n... August 25th for sure, hell nor high water.... Allow a little time for shipping from AZ to MI too...

    Thought to share this, as MSflights was interesting and holding group flights on it. (Which you are ALL more than welcome to do so..)

    A TM badge will be issued for temporary access just for your group flight room and other people are VERY welcomed to join it...

    Just give us the appropriate information of how many and when and we'll set it up. -- usually FSX Co. members are not allowed to join in group flights of visiting entities from outside, but because it IS MSFLIGHTS,,, which a majority of us here originally started on MSFlights, we'll make an exception to that.)

    Happy Flying... and Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuumble!

    MM/FA N.A Miller, USN Ret.
    (Protected Veteran / Gentleman Writer)
    Lead Administrator / I.T Tech/ CISO
    FlightsimX Company Gaming Group.


    MrCats21 (Lance Dobbins) sends his BEST regards to the MSFlights crew.... and greetings!


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    Hi Miller,

    It is very thoughtful for you to invite us to use your resources! I think I can speak on behalf of the community and staff that we will consider using your server if we find a reason to do so, however our current setup of operations requires us to need very little resources at all. I do not want you to be discouraged if we end up not needing anything in the future. Lately we have even been using the JoinFS Global server(s) (Check box on main window of JoinFS), to do our group flights, and it has been working flawlessly since we started doing that about a few months ago or so. Also, since switching to Discord a couple years ago or so, it has been fulfilling our needs and has been very reliable with over 99% up time and still not charging for any usage. I was surprised that never changed (yet anyway).

    Once again, thank you for the offer, and we will keep it in mind if we find a use. Please tell MrCats hello and thank you as well! I am sure you guys are busy getting your server ready, but you are always welcome to come join us on one of our scheduled group flights if you need a break and want to fly.

    Keep the blue side up!


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