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    Wow! I just did a little catching up with some old (read: experienced) members and realize how much I've missed, especially in regards to the VR revolution! So, at this point, I'm just curious as to where everybody stands on this: What VR hardware do you use (if any), and with what games/sims most frequently? Perhaps most importantly: are you happy with that setup?

    Since December 2018, I have an Oculus Rift ("Consumer Version" or "CV1") with touch controllers and two of those "lighthouse"/"constellation" tracking sensor thingies.
    I use it for mostly for Eliteangerous (void opal mining) and DCS (just finished the free SU-25T Caucasus campaign).

    Even with what I believe to now be a below-minimum-spec computer (i7-2600K, 8GB Ram, GTX970), I'm sold -- this is the way to do gaming/simming, and there's no going back!
    ... I just wish I didn't have to turn just about every graphics setting way down -- especially since I've seen what can be done on a 2D screen.

    What about you?
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    I had the Oculus Rift but sold it recently on ebay, I'm planning on getting the new Rift S, which is supposed to be a bit better resolution, and the best part is it doesn't need any room sensors. I agree Elite Dangerous was probably the coolest game on it, I tried DCS a little bit but haven't gotten into it yet.

    My computer is pretty old like yours, I'm planning on upgrading to the new AMD Ryzen 3000's coming out or the i7-9700k. The new AMD's look really promising, I'm waiting to see some benchmarks when they come out around July 7th before I decide. The one I'm thinking about has 8 cores and 16 thread for only $330. "Ryzen 7 3700X8C/16T, 3.6GHz to 4.4GHz, 36MB cache, 65W TDP, $329"


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      The new Rift S is a complete pleasure to use. The cockpit details are the area where you'll really use the improved resolution. Viewing the world at large is what will make you say, "wow". I'm glad I got the new Rift S.


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        I still have my Vive, but don't use it often. AFS2 does run great on it, but that simulator is lacking. I did enjoy ED on it as well experience wise, but the grind of ED wore me out. It's definitely the best way to play ED though. I have been thinking about getting the new Valve Index, especially as I can still use the same controllers/lightboxes that I already have, but I just don't use VR enough currently. It's like watching a 3D movie.. an event, not just casual.
        - Michael
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