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FlightSimStore Closing?

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  • FlightSimStore Closing?

    Have seen a couple of reports with issues related to the FlightSimStore. Drz has stopped selling their products on the site. At least one user reported paying for a product, it not showing up as being available for download and receiving no response from the vendor when inquiries were made. Drz reports that they and other vendors are not being paid for products purchased through the site.

    Hopefully this is merely temporary. As a precaution I would suggest that if you have made purchases through them to go to the site, record any key numbers and download anything that you have not already stored on your system.

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    Calling FlightSimStore, I got this Information: "Please Note: Most files have now been transferred to our new servers. Some files may still be inaccessible so please let us know via our Facebook page."
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      Thanks Falkensteiner. I did see that. I think I saw that message up there the last time I visited the site quite some time ago.

      I think the pattern of requests not being replied to and one vendor noting the he among others were not getting paid is sufficient to make note. Whether the stories have merit or do not, I think ensuring that you have local copies of your data would be a wise move.


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        Thanks for the heads up! The unfortunate thing is regardless of the reasons why, there is no way they'll be able to recover from the negative publicity in the hobby. I know after Orbx left I tried to make my purchases through them (the only one being an upgrade to Active Sky). But now people have no reason to trust them as a buyer or a seller.
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