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It has been quite awhile! (Thank You)

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  • It has been quite awhile! (Thank You)

    WOW! Crazy how fast time can fly. I just wanted to make a post thanking all of the veterans of this community for everything they have taught me throughout my years flying with you guys. I have been extremely inactive on this community for some time because my P.C is a dinosaur and I honestly just haven't had the time. I doubt many will remember me as it has been ages since I've made an appearance on the discord. I joined this community way back in the early stages and had an amazing time making friends and learning from great teachers. I have always had an interest in aviation but never thought it would be my career in life. Since until a month or so ago my priority was to become a police officer and eventually work into some position in homeland security. Now I have an opportunity to work for U.S Customs and Border patrol flying helicopters as an AIA or Air Interdiction Agent through a pathway program by the University of North Dakota aviation department. I start in late August and come 2022 I will be a licensed helicopter pilot and will continue my journey with Border patrol.

    I just wanted to make a quick thank you to all of you guys who had helped me in the past. Without this community, I doubt I would have strayed away from my previous career path.

    Thank You, Prdude, Lazerbolt, 4d, Robert Dunn, Hawgdawg, Buck, Airwolf and many others. There are honestly too many of you to list out don't feel left out if I didn't write your name down. Those are the ones I could remember on the spot.

    PS. I still have my MsFlights shirt, still big but more of a souvenir piece*

    Thanks for everything!

    Eric Langlois
    Student Private Pilot
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