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Building a home cockpit

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    Very cool setup!! Can't wait to build my own one day. More towards a 737 replica. They do have Handles on the throttle quad rent.


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      I think we need update pictures!


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        seeing your project come together like that has given me motivation to do one of my own. Yours looks very nice. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. You make it look so easy.


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          Honestly the cockpit is still packed up and nothing else has happened there.

          My basement however is almost done. For my office I need to bore out the door knob hole (didn't want it to be too low as I had to order a shorter door, so it came with no bore), then need to paint the door and trim and install the baseboards. Walls are all done and painted, floor is in. Quotes are coming in for bathroom tile and carpet for the rest of the basement. Really once those are done I'll have some paint and trim to install and I'm done. I'm getting really close to having my cockpit set up. It will be later this summer.
          - Michael
          Check out my cockpit build!


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            Current status of my office:

            What's left in my office?
            • Terminate network cabling
            • Replace broken desk foot
            • Install Desk Hutch
            • Install door (Painted and ready, just need to hang it)
            • Cut closet doors to height and hang them. (track is in place)
            • Minor caulking to match the floor
            • Minor wall touch up painting
            • Install shelving in closet
            • Disassemble and paint entire cockpit

            Today was a busy day. First I did the touch up paint along all the baseboards, where I filled in the nail holes. Once it was dry I brought in all you see in the pictures and set them up. That worktable is a beast to assemble solo.

            Still to do in the rest of my basement:
            • Carpet is being replaced on Friday (defective)
            • Fill nail holes in all the rest of the baseboard (over 400 feet), and door trim.
            • Caulk baseboard/trim
            • Touch up paint
            • Replace broken side on cabinet
            • Install cabinets/sinks
            • Install toilet
            • Install mirrors
            • Tile back splash
            • Finish shortening 2 blinds.
            • Rehang all the doors.
            • Install 2 sets of closet doors (1 bypass, 1 bi-fold)
            • Install ceiling speakers in bathroom

            So I still have tons to do. But soon should be able to speak again on Discord when I'm able to after putting the kids to bed. (~9:00 MT).

            Nothing tomorrow as I'm off to visit Storm's neck of the woods for a night. Hopefully Tuesday I can get all my network punched down and move my PC in. I still have to get Spad.Next figured out as well before actually flying, along with remounting my new Thrustmasters.
            - Michael
            Check out my cockpit build!


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