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X-Plane - WARNING!! Buggy 11.26r1 and 11.26r2 - make a backup of 11.25!

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  • X-Plane - WARNING!! Buggy 11.26r1 and 11.26r2 - make a backup of 11.25!


    X-Plane versions 11.26r1 and 11.26r2 are buggy! For some reason, on climb out at around 10,000ft, tube liners will crash. And crash as in explode - rather than blue screen of death type crash. I've tested the Zibo 737, the iXEG 737, and the default 737 and all spectacularly combust at around 10,000. I haven't tried any other craft but I presume it's a hard ceiling independent of aircraft type. I'm sure they will fix this in a few days, but in the meantime - don't upgrade. Version 11.25 is fine however.

    I usually embrace each new version, but I advise don't upgrade to these without making a back up of 11.25.

    X-Plane makes no registry changes - so if you need to revert from a backup, just over-write the faulty one with your back-up.

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    I was fine with testing the beta version of 11.20 because of the addition of VR. Otherwise its been my experience that unless you want to spend techy time with XP it is best to avoid the betas. I prefer flying XP instead of troubleshooting it Which, btw, is what I am doing this afternoon. I am tired of XP crashing on me when I switch into VR. Think I may have isolated it down to the JoinFS plugin in. It will take some time from here to be sure though. It may still be the Oculus software.


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      That sounds pretty darn annoying. Iíve had very few crashes with X-Plane working with the Vive overall. When things do go wrong I think the SteamVR libraries let me down more often than X-Plane.

      Iím currently updating either Windows 10, SteamVR or X-Plane on an almost weekly basis. Perhaps itís time to take a leaf out of your book and avoid updating as much as possible once things are working well.

      Iíll be a beligerant early adopter with :

      c:\X-Plane 11.25\
      c:\X-Plane 11.26r1\
      c:\X-Plane 11.26r2\



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        Looks like the team at Laminar Research are aware of the issues re:11.26:


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          11.26r2 is working great for me now - I can't explain what happened but it's all back to working well now.. <shrug> ...sorry to besmirch Laminars reputation.


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