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  • Change Start Up Screen and Menu Screen Image

    How to Change the Loading and Main Menu Screens:
    (Orignal Concept by Aviation Spirit on

    The loading screen for X-Plane 11 can be changed from the default image to any image you prefer by changing one picture file (which is in PNG format)
    • The folder in which the file is stored is “X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/interface11”
    • The file you will be working with is “image_background_screenshot_for_stack.png''
    • As always before making any changes backup, backup, backup. In this case, make a backup of the original file, “image_background_screenshot_for_stack.png''. (I simply renamed mine to“image_background_screenshot_for_stack -Original.png'').
    • Select your image file
    • If needed, convert the image file to a PNG file
    • Make a copy of the original PNG image file.
    • Rename the copy to “image_background_screenshot_for_stack.png''
    • Move your new image file to “X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/interface11”.

    You’re done. Next time you start X-Plane you should see your new image file as the start up screen and the screen for the main menu.

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