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Prepar3d V3 will be released September 30th.

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    Does it seem to install seamlessly alongside of v2.5 or does it try to overwrite/upgrade v2.5?


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      Originally posted by karlh View Post
      Does it seem to install seamlessly alongside of v2.5 or does it try to overwrite/upgrade v2.5?

      I have version 3 installed side-by-side with my client side 2.5.12946.0 (hotfix 4). Jan (Flight Engineer/Flugingenieur) reports that he intends to uninstall his v2.5 software and fresh install v3 because of some PMDG upgrade considerations that Jan links to earlier in this thread.

      I forgot to mention that the currently available FSUIPC install files version 4.944a release date 3 September correctly found P3Dv3 new installation, installed FSUIPC into v3 and appears to be working well.

      Upon further investigation and consultation with CaseyRyback and Jan, I do not expect multiplayer compatibility between v2.5 and v3 at all. Hopefully our concurrency software investigations and tests will make that P3D multiplayer version compatibility question moot. If Ben at DAFSIM makes comment on his developmental intentions P3Dv3-DAFSIM, such information would be helpful and should be communicated to our community's interested concurrency software testers.

      As always, run the P3Dv3 setup.exe as administrator. Installation errors have been reported in PREPAR3D forum when simply double clicking setup.exe (as installation instructions read) that were overcome when installation was rerun as administrator. Initial installation reports on that forum indicate that run as administrator is particularly important when installing into Windows 10 OS.

      EDITED at 17:00 EDT with additional information.
      Respects, Bob ...


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        exciting, I plan on trying v3 as soon as I get some more free time. Everyone should pick up an academic version for their grandchildren/nieces/nephews so they could learn about aviation when they come visit for the holidays


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          Got my first freeware airplanes added, in the way Lockheed wants addon's installed for P3D3... NOT in the P3D folders.

          It seems to work!

          So what I had to do was edit the config files in: "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3". I edited:

          In each one I basically added a new section like this:
          Title=Addon Gauges
          Path=F:\P3D3 Addons\Airplanes\Gauges

          After my flight I got the ContentErrorLog message... checking it for this file I'll need to get a bunch of gauges from default 747 and such. Hopefully that helps others... If you figure things out please post them as well. We probably better do the same as AVSIM and don't post workaround for things the publisher wants to sell (like the A2A planes as they do P3D versions). Freeware should be fine.
          - Michael
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            As a quick followup if you haven't seen, here is some quotes from the SDK:
            If additional content is installed in Prepar3D's installation folder, or if files in Prepar3D's installation folder are modified, the additional content/changes could be deleted or corrupted during Prepar3D upgrades and reinstalls.
            The are many different aspects of Prepar3D capable of being managed by Prepar3D's add-on management system. Supported categories of add-ons capable of being managed are below:
            • Libraries (dll.xml) - Used to configure add-on libraries.
            • Executables (exe.xml) - Used to configure add-on executables.
            • Effects (effects.cfg) - Used to configure additional effect directories.
            • Fonts (fonts.cfg) - Used to configure additional font directories.
            • Gauges (gauges.cfg) - Used to configure additional gauge directories.
            • Scaleform (scaleform.cfg) - Used to configure Autodesk® Scaleform® directories from which to load Adobe® Flash® content.
            • Scenarios (scenarios.cfg) - Used to configure scenario directories in addition to the default Prepar3D v3 Files location.
            • Scenery (scenery.cfg) - Used to specify additional scenery locations. Please see the Scenery Configuration File article.
            • Shaders (shadersHLSL.cfg) - Used to configure additional shader directories.
            • SimObjects (simobjects.cfg) - Used to configure additional SimObject directories.
            • Sound (sound.cfg) - Used to configure additional sound directories.
            • Texture (texture.cfg) - Used to configure additional texture directories.
            • Weather (weather.cfg) - Used to configure additional weather directories.

            In addition, the Terrain (terrain.cfg) system supports being configured but there is not a native way of installing, uninstalling, or modifying the associated configuration file.
            This is why I was looking at installing them as I was, rather than how we installed them in the past.
            - Michael
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              Wait do I see that it loads Adobe Flash content?!?!??!?!

              A) WHY?!?!?!?
              B) WTAF?!??!?!
              and C) WHY?!?!?!?!?

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                That's so developers can put electronic billboards along highways and make $0.000001 per view as GA flyers fly low over them.

                It may be something like that actually... dynamic signs at airports? Flickering lights? Fake terminal windows to show video of people inside the glass? I dunno... Any other ideas?
                - Michael
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                  Originally posted by Waterman981 View Post
                  That's so developers can put electronic billboards along highways and make $0.000001 per view as GA flyers fly low over them.

                  It may be something like that actually... dynamic signs at airports? Flickering lights? Fake terminal windows to show video of people inside the glass? I dunno... Any other ideas?

                  Autodesk® Scaleform® Integration
                  Gauges and panels as well as scenario object content can be built using Adobe® Flash® and integrated using Autodesk Scaleform.
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                    Found A soulution 2 your all problem with Down Loading Prepared 3dv3 I herd James uga and others been having issues down Loading the simulation Mr captin redneck aka John has found a really Good recommendations i recommend is every 1 Gets a Download Manager if you would ask me witch one I would say Get Getiright down load manager its the best it what i use No problem and trusted company out of spokane wa i support theses guys Great product Usa Made and built. here some of what i did in screen shots . so enjoy guys and here s the shot of it




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                      and Get right web site is


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                        Originally posted by Waterman981 View Post
                        Looking at all the posts on AVSIM gets me thinking that the 9 years since FSX was released has "clouded" a lot of folks judgement when it comes to paying for it. I mean here were the previous releases:
                        1996 – Flight Simulator 95
                        1997 – Flight Simulator 98
                        1999 – Flight Simulator 2000
                        2001 – Flight Simulator 2002
                        2003 – Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
                        2006 – Flight Simulator X

                        Each time you were paying full price for the new version. This is no different, and about the same timeline. Like I said, there has been nothing since FSX so nothing to pay for. I think one of the important things with Prepar3D v3 is that it means the end of development of 2.x... So moving forward is just like in the past Microsoft releases (and every other software package out there).

                        And all the rest before that lot that I payed for back even before Microsoft got it.

                        But at first look all I see is 70% payed bug fixing.
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               Beta tester.

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                          I hear you Oz. The online the fly color/lighting fix is nice. I also see a lot of potential for the ability to exit your airplane and walk around the virtual world.

                          What made my decision for me was that I had done some tweaking with v2.5 and created a blurry texture situation. I was going to have to re-install P3D in one way or another regardless. The notion of the two things I noticed above helped my decision to just buy v3. Still a little irritated about being charged for it, I looked into Lockheed.

                          In the past 2 years their profit margin has been a meager 4%. I'm sure they've had better years, but with 4% I can see some justification of being tight on getting returns for work done.

                          Stick with 2.5, upgrade to v3, you won't go wrong. Either choice is a decent one.
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                            Originally posted by karlh View Post
                            Stick with 2.5, upgrade to v3, you won't go wrong. Either choice is a decent one.
                            My post here is lengthy and speaks to P3D upgrade and P3D servers. I agree with Karl. I personally will need quite a bit of time to properly get third party addons figured out. I'm certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed so I appreciate the spoon feeding any of you geniuses can post to our forums via descriptions or links on the subject of getting addons to work. I am specifically interested in freeware aircraft tips as the payware stuff I own will surely be covered by their respective authors (such as Orbx's multi-installers being rolled out incrementally).

                            I am specifically and immediately interested in the multiplayer host aspect of P3Dv2 and v3. We have determined that, at least at this time, v2 and v3 will not interconnect in distributed session (multiplayer). I truly hope DAFSIM or the like will make this lack of interoperability inconsequential. However...

                            I own four PREPAR3D Academic licenses. I have server dedicated v2.5 AND v3 as well as flying client v2.5 AND v3 licenses. I run our Steam North America server 24/7 out of Seattle. I am currently hosting P3Dv3 out of Las Vegas. I have additional capable server level computers available for use in this service. However, without custom forwarding ports (required on the client side), I cannot run P3D v2.5 server concurrently with a v3 server (or any other FSX-ESP based sim). I am limited by the 2 routers and IP addresses which I control, one of which is Steam dominated.

                            I previously indicated my intention to seek counsel and vote from our community's P3D interested members on how to proceed with dedicated P3D server configurations. Since that time, and as direct result of interaction with FsFlyboys server admins resultant from Idleline's memorial flight, I am in the early stages of entering into discussions concerning sharing access to a pair of P3D dedicated multiplayer servers between communities, one at version 2.5, one at version 3. My personal life's demands delayed my response to FsFlyboys on this subject for 4 days. I intend to bring to our community's staff level forum any proposals of facilities cooperation my discussions may generate. I have requested from admin@FsFlyboys (RC, Rick) permission to share his thoughts, ideas and words directly with our staff. I await such permission. Our initial exchanges of ideas, goals and purposes are more a personal discussion rather than inter-community dialogue at this time. I hope to make the discussion an inter-community subject as soon as that may be appropriate. As admin@msflights, Kalo is being cc'd copies of these correspondences even tho Kalo is not directly involved in the email discussions.
                            Respects, Bob ...


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                              Imressions so far...
                              FTX Global, HD Trees, FS Global 2010, Rex4 with SoftClouds, Tweaks at the moment, just standart cfg.

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