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Pete Dowson is on vacation, so that mean P3D 2.4 will be released on Monday.

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  • Pete Dowson is on vacation, so that mean P3D 2.4 will be released on Monday.

    It's been confirmed that 2.4 will be released on Monday...

    And we'll have to wait an additional week for Pete to get back before he updates FSUIPC.
    - Michael
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    Some of us Prepar3D fans are giggling at your way of pointing out the new Lockheed release. I'll look forward to yet ANOTHER update. Thanks, Waterman.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      I may not be the first person to notice it, but I will claim that I posted that it seems to happen this way with the 2.3 update.

      So I'm not just jumping on what Pete has now confirmed himself:
      I reckon L-M are timing these things deliberately! That's every single release since 2.0!
      - Michael
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        Prepar3D v2.4 update change log follows. Version 2.4 release is still due today, Monday but at this early hour, not yet posted. This information is from this Prepar3D forum post:

        Rob (Rob Ainscough, P3D forum moderator) was good enough to post this over at AVSIM. Hopefully he won't mind if I (Michael Campbell) copied and pasted it here (P3D forum).

        Change list:

        The Prepar3D v2.4 update brings general bug fixes, rendering updates, as well as several requested features and enhancements to the SimDirector mission creation tool.

        This v2.4 is an incremental update to fix a handful of outstanding issues present in v2.3.

        The full listing of improvements, fixes, and requested enhancements is listed below.

        General Platform Updates
        Fixed a crash when saving/loading scenarios due to corrupt object configuration files
        Custom camera orientation will now load correctly when multiple views are open
        Saving the Internal Vehicle Cast setting with setting profiles
        Fixed issue of blending between unlimited visibility layers
        Resolved an indefinite hang when selecting the observer role in multiplayer missions

        Rendering and Performance Updates
        Corrected issues with batched objects and airport lighting on systems with multiple graphics cards
        Fixed an issue with BGL objects that were causing a memory leak and crash
        Fixed an issue with clouds being rendered quadruple the intended size
        Fixed an issue with particle effect scale being larger than intended
        Fixed an issue with multiple texture entries in panel configurations not being rendered
        Fixed issue with vertical geometry spikes
        Corrected an issue with cursors causing issues when HDR was enabled
        Added transparent panel support for auxiliary windows
        Fixed issues with custom camera post process settings not properly loading
        General fixes to terrain shadow artifacts
        Fixed issues with material z-bias level behavior not being consistent

        SimDirector Updates
        Added a backstage file menu to help configure the scenario, open recent files, change settings, and other useful operations
        Added hotkeys for common interactions
        Changed the behavior of actions so that if an action is unreferenced, then it will fire when the scenario begins
        Improved the object catalog by adding extensive filtering for new users and helpful key shortcuts for power users
        Improved and simplified the controls to navigate the world and manipulate objects
        Added the ability to use the Time Preview window and toggle Weather Visibility while editing scenarios
        Added the ability to preview text-to-speech for the DialogAction
        Fixed an issue where the application would hang when creating a scenario while the Mission Incomplete message box was open
        Fixed an issue where undocking windows would freeze SimDirector
        Fixed an issue where the VI Sessions window was not able to be used after resetting the scenario
        Fixed an issue where Panel objects would not respect the panel that they were referencing when previewing the mission

        SDK and SimConnect Updates
        Added preliminary Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) integration sample
        Added support for 3ds Max 2015
        Added SIMCONNECT_CAMERA_SENSOR_MODE to the C# SimConnect headers
        Corrected an issue with exported attach points being placed with the wrong orientation
        Last edited by Waterman981; September 29, 2014, 09:13 PM. Reason: Added missing close quote at end.
        Respects, Bob ...


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          Btw, what has Pete to do with the release of P3D, i thought is is the programmer of FSUIPC?
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            CaseyRyback, Waterman makes a joke but it is humorous because it is true. It seems Peter Dowson likes his vacation time. By pure coincidence, everytime Lockheed releases an update to Prepar3D v2, Pete Dowson is on vacation. With several (all?) of these P3Dv2 updates, changes in P3Dv2 have caused incompatibilities and sometimes crashes in P3Dv2's interface with the previous version of FSUIPC. Many of you know that FSUIPC is a useful and common add-on to P3Dv2 as well as FSX. Mr. Dowson always fixes compatibility issues when he returns from vacation but the user base of P3Dv2 suffers these incompatibilities for some time until Pete gets home and fixes FSUIPC. This is the basis of Waterman's OP humor.
            Respects, Bob ...


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              Exactly... and as I do all my control programming through FSUIPC I have to wait until it is updated before upgrading P3D itself.

              And here it is:
              - Michael
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                Again, Thanks, Waterman for the notice here on our forum that the v2.4 update is available. I'm downloading all v2.4 installation files (Academic patch and full install, Professional patch and full) as I type. I patched Academic v2.2 to v2.3. I will probably install Academic v2.4 as a total new uninstall-reinstall and not further patch my fully licensed Academic. I will wait until important v2.4 interoperability issues have been tested before I even start thinking about a P3Dv2 uninstall-reinstall. Primary in this wait-and-see is FSUIPC. Secondary but also important is continued FTX Global and FTX regions scenery compatibility. Also to be considered is Nvidea graphics driver compatibility. In v2.2-to-v2.3 patch, I either had to roll back my then current Nvidea driver or turn off P3Dv2 tessellation. Nvidia has since fixed and updated their graphics driver and now everything works fine in my v2.3 installation. I'll try to let others figure out all this kinda stuff before I dive in. I haven't got time to figure it out on my own right now.

                I have access to P3Dv2 Professional because, upon P3Dv2's initial release, I purchased a month-to-month developer's licence. That Pro license has long since lapsed and, should we desire to run a P3Dv2 server here at, that developer's license would be the one on which I would configure such a P3Dv2 server on BigBox. At this time I have no plans to reopen BigBox as a P3Dv2 server. There is insufficient interest in such a server still. I would attempt to open a P3Dv2 server if the software gets any multiplayer "legs".

                I am aware of another community's P3Dv2 multiplayer server. I am in contact with the owner of that community as of yesterday. I have ONLY attempted to determine if this old friend of mine is interested in again talking to me about topics of interest to both our communities. His reply to me indicates that he is indeed interested in opening such dialogues. Relevant to this thread is a discussion of P3Dv2 multiplayer services available to the wider simming world. I'm not going to do more than open a line of communication UNTIL staff gathers and determines our official position on several topics relevant to our two communities. P3Dv2 multiplayer server access is one of those topics.
                Respects, Bob ...


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                  As a side note, I have stopped drywalling the rest of the basement and have started focusing on the office. It's made it a bit more difficult as rather than killing the power to the old lights as I go, I've had to kill them all to pull the old wire before I put up the ceiling for the office. I already have the flooring for there, so I'm hopeful it can be done by the end of November at the latest... hopefully this month (but I'm lazy so don't count on it). The only things I'll have to buy are tape, mud, & paint and those are relatively cheap. Perhaps 2.5 will come out by then, so I'm just going to wait until I'm able to set my controls up again before downloading it. Plus I'm going to put Windows 10 on my machine, so who knows how well that will work out.
                  - Michael
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