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Prepar3D 2.3 has been released

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  • Prepar3D 2.3 has been released

    Download from your account page like usual...

    And of course since a new patch was released... Pete Dowson is out on holiday, so no new official release of FSUIPC until he returns. I've read that people are having success with this version though:
    - Michael
    Check out my cockpit build!

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    We Prepar3D users appreciate you keeping us up-to-date on this progress. There was a time when I visited Lockheed's website daily but not so much anymore. I still have interest in running a multiplayer server for P3Dv2 but, for a while now, not unless there is some worldwide or at least local community interest in such a server. I'm on this v2.3 update now. Thanks, Waterman.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      I noticed they actually did some updates for multiplayer... that's a good sign.
      • Enhanced functionality of shared cockpit
      • Improved overall functionality and capability of the multiplayer UI
      • Added functionality to allow checkpoints during multiplayer missions. Users will be able to select roles at a checkpoint and load in a synchronized state
      • Renamed Scoring Categories to Entity List since it now holds additional multiplayer player names and container titles
      • Fixed an issue with switching roles or vehicles in multiplayer sessions
      • Fixed an issue with multiplayer panel serialization
      • Fixed an issue where missions were not being cleared when selecting Free Flight mode
      • Removed duplicate data that displayed in the multiplayer UI
      • Fixed an issue where multiplayer incorrectly swapped SimObjects of different categories
      • Fixed an issue where default fake airport objects would cause a crash during multiplayer sessions

      - Michael
      Check out my cockpit build!


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