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Take Off - The Flight Simulator na PC & mobile

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  • Take Off - The Flight Simulator na PC & mobile

    Hi guys,

    I'm new here so "Hi" from me

    I'm looking for some simple plane simulators that I or my kid could play on a mobile or on PC with gamepad.

    For example I found Take Off - The Flight Simulator recently - pretty cool game, especially if you like playing on mobile.

    It has iOS/Android version and recently Take Off The Flight Simulator was released on Steam for PC and MAC.

    Could you recommend more similar arcade - simulator games? I would appreciate!

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    UltraWings for GearVR

    Hi Kranzer,

    Thanks for joining & posting your question. It gives me a chance to mention a new discovery that I'm absolutely loving and it might be something to solve your craving for more flight simulation/games. I know this is a particularly narrow-scoped answer, but IF you have a recent Samsung smartphone (Galaxy S7/8/+/Edge/Note) and a GearVR headset (proprietary to Samsung mobile devices) with controller, I highly recommend the UltraWings app.

    I'm not sure if you'll find it for other platforms, but I can attest that on the GearVR it's absolutely a thrill to be inside a 3d cockpit flying in a 3d world with decent flight dynamics, albeit with cartoonish scenery. The app focuses on eyes-out-the-window flying, with simple aircraft models that don't rely on instruments other than an airspeed indicator, stall horn, and simple engine management (sequence of: fuel pump, magneto, starter to start the engine at the beginning of each flight), coupled to an arcade-style progression system (missions make you fly through hoops, land on a target, pop balloons with a dart gun -- all earn credits used to purchase new airports to land at and airplanes to fly [3 in all]). Or, you can just free-fly around the Mario Brothers-looking islands for as long as your fuel lasts.

    You'll experience/learn flight dynamics like stalls and adverse yaw (I was impressed with the inclusion of that!), but the extent of the simulation pretty much ends there. The rest is "go out there and have some fun." Amazon Referral Link
    GearVR Headset (2016 edition; the 2017 edition doesn't offer any significant improvements for the price premium)
    Controller for the GearVR (required)

    If you have the phone but not the additional gear, it's likely not too far a stretch to acquire everything needed... total expenses (2016 GearVR, Controller, and App) would be in the $50-70 range (USD) at current prices.

    Happy Flying!
    Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.


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