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Who needs Microsoft Flight Sim.....when you can have this?

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  • Who needs Microsoft Flight Sim.....when you can have this?

    You liked Kerbal Space Program you say....but you are an avid airplane lover and not so much a rocket fan? Well now you can have the best of both worlds....from the creator of KSP comes Balsa Model Flight Simulator. Better graphics than Microsoft.....ok...can't say that with a straight I won't. Seams like it would be fun as all get out. I know Laser will love it....

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    The Kerbal Space Program formula applied to AVIATION? I'm in! This looks fantastic.
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      Knew you would be excited about this Lazerbolt. I am looking forward to this also....I think this will be a great multi player game for our MSFlight group too. Sorry I haven't been around computer is/was acting would not get a connection to the internet....all other devices....cell phones...tablets are fine. I think it is the battery backup for the cmos….I noticed it wasn't keeping the correct I think that is the problem....I think I have it fixed.


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        Looks like it could be a lot of fun
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