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  • Daf sim

    Has anybody ever heard of this?

    Apparently its similar to FS Host which I'm a big fan of.

    "Incredibly fluid and realistic, 6 Simulators cross-platform software"
    "FS2002, FS2004, FSX, X-Plane 9, X-Plane 10 and P3D"

    It would be nice if pilots could all fly together using the sim they prefered.
    It would bring more pilots into the community also as I know some don't like FSX.
    It also means I could reinstall Linux (which I prefer to use) and use a different sim while I control.

    I've requested the ATC software to have a look and will let you know here.
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    I have heard of them and actually was a Beta tester for them back in 2010 ish, and they had alot of fatal error problems at the time, Im not sure how well the program runs now..


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      Looking forward to your review....


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        yepp, check this....!!
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          Yeah I spotted your post after I'd posted this thread Casey

          No review as of yet as 1. It seems the public server is unpopular as I've been the only one in it since having a look.
          2. I'm just sorting my self out a Linux machine to install another Sim on and have a play from that side.

          To request the server software you need to have 50 active members or more in your group.
          I obviously can't do that as a single player, but if MS Flights wanted to look into it I would be happy to install it on one of my spare machines for everybody to have a look and poke about.
          If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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            I'm at the stage where I've had a play with the software but still need some traffic to see if it's laggy etc.
            Good news is it works with different sims and it seems you would also be able to run it on Linux which is something I'm looking for.
            You can also run the radar software as standalone, so no need to open you sim which would help those people running Flight sims on a slower PC.

            If anybody is available and would like to connect with the client software I do currently have my radar open at EGNR.
            You will need to contact Dafsim and ask for a username and password in order to connect to their public server.
            If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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              OK I've had a play with DAFSIM and have listed the good and bad points below.

              Good Points.....
              You can connect with different Flight Simulators.
              You can run the radar software without a flight sim open (less resource usage).
              You can use multiple OS. I tested on Windows and Linux both working fine and I assume as Linux does Mac would too.
              It's free.
              It supports auto channel switch in Teamspeak 2 when the sim com freqs are changed.
              The Radar Displays aircraft in different colors when they are tuned to your frequency so you know who is talking to you and who is not.

              Bad Points.
              It's messy to setup with limited Instruction.
              It's based around TS2 when most are using TS3.
              I could not find a Linux version of DAF Radar even though it claims it is multiplatform.
              Nobody seems to be using their public server so you need to be with a group in order to fly with others.
              You need to get a username and password to join which ever server (Public or private), which means you can't just rock up and join a server you need to wait for an email.
              If you fly with different groups you will also need to remember which username is for which.

              I think it's a good idea which needs to be improved, as there is already very popular similar server software available (ie VATSIM and IVAO).
              If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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