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  • TrackHat Clip Plus

    Well I pulled the trigger last night and ordered TrackHat Clip Plus setup. Seems like an alternative to the TrackIR; same technology on a budgeted price.

    As soon as I get it in I will provide some feedback.

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    I would like to hear the feedback! I have a feeling this program and system(by the way its set up) will eat some of your CPU, as TrackIR has its own small CPU built in and does not effect your computer much. Please keep look at how much CPU this uses on your system and let us know as part of your review. The price however is nicer than TrackIR! and is a cheaper alternative.


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      I'm interested too. Head tracking systems other than TrackIR have in the past had a reputation for lag and imprecision. Perhaps this has been fixed now.

      Also I'd be interested whether you can tailor the sensitivity profiles for personal use if, for example, you have a stiff neck on one side and need more sensitivity turning one way rather than another. TrackIR allows me to configure that in detail for all 6 axes.

      Additionally, I'd be interested if it detects which game you're playing and selects your desired profile accordingly. (I have three that TrackIR switches between automatically: one for FSX, one for Elite Dangerous, and a default for Evochron Legacy and other games.)


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        Sorry for the delayed reply guys, the Trackhat Clip finally arrived today. I had been in communications with TrackHat regarding the delayed shipment and they stated it typically only takes a 10 days to arrive in the states. I placed my order 28 Dec 2016 and it arrived today, 31 January 2017.

        So, in that time I went ahead and purchased TrackIR as I was tired of waiting. I have opened the package to confirm all is good, it works without issue and impressed with the quality [of the 3D printing]. After messing with a little I was able to get tracking to function as it should; fairly straight forward configuration. One thing to note, they require you to download a driver that is no longer free, $2.99. This isn't a big deal, but I think it should have been disclosed ahead of purchase or at a minimum included on a disk.

        Given I don't need this unit I plan to sell it here or return it to TrackHat.

        $85.00 shipped CONUS. I'm not making a profit on this, charging what I paid plus $10 (assumed cost) for shipping.

        Anyone interested?


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