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FSX:Steam Edition on sale again

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  • FSX:Steam Edition on sale again

    FSX:Steam Edition is now $7.49 in the Steam store! This price is valid through December 1st.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Panther.
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    Euro truck Simulator 2 is getting kind of popular here at msFlights, & it's 80% off at the moment on Steam Store. It Costs $4.59 USD for who ever is interested in getting it.
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      Just found this and thought I'd share it here. 80% off till 1/4/16!
      Yours in flight,

      Pops :-D


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        FSX Steam is again marked down to US$ 7.50 until 31 March. Apparently the developers at Dovetail Games, Chatham U.K., are so excited by the imminent culmination of the United States' National Collegate Athletic Association basketball tournament that they want you and all your friends to experience the joy and thrill of their current Steam powered quality flight simulator.

        Dovetail also makes available to you, the purchasing public, a selected number of FSX Steam addons at 50 to 75 % off their regular suggested retail price.

        If you want to stretch your simming dollar (Euro, Pound Sterling, Franc, Drachma, whatever) I encourage you to check out our own Novawing's Freeware Friday series of flight simming reviews on FSX Insider.
        Respects, Bob ...


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