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    Hey everyone! I've just recently finished up a repaint for the RV-6 in Microsoft Flight. I was hoping this could be a go-to sort of plane for our shorter hops, or just for casual flying. Some pictures:

    Here's the link if you want to download:

    Just a reminder, to use this in Flight, you need the Flight Addon manager, which you can get here:

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    that's pretty awesome, looks great!!


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      I really like it!
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        Thanks Kalo and Sound! I may try some more aircraft to paint in MSFlight's colors, maybe a warbird as ACE usually plans long flights for Flight, and asks us to use warbirds. If anyone has any requests as to repaints of any aircraft, both ACE and I are very familiar with the Addon Builder and can make you a paint to your liking. If you want a paint, you can talk to me on Teamspeak if you see me there, or send me a PM on the forums. As for this RV-6, I hope we can use it in Flight with some of the smaller hops around Alaska, or for some other things ACE plans.


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          I hope to start up the repaints this week, also check this out:
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            As far as MSFlights repaints, perhaps a cargo hauler? Maule?
            - Michael
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