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    In case others have not seen, a new thread was started about this on Avsim. As it's stickied it will probably be the go to thread about this.

    The big thing there is importing FSX aircraft. It will be interesting to see what the limitations will end up being, and if they can get multi-engine props working. Hopefully any devs who take up the tool will make previews available for free for multiplayer. Otherwise we may end up with lots of UFO's.
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      Originally posted by WheeledWeevil82 View Post
      Well, maybe we could make some kind of FSOpen type software for Flight (If flight actually becomes something that we could use with third party products) that would expand the number of pilots in one session? I don't know how this stuff works but, could it be possible?
      Unfortunately, the answer is no. The multiplayer environment is limited to 16 because of the Xbox Live environment, and changing that, would be an undertaking....
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